The night out and Tornado E’s sayings

Yesterday was my anniversary.  Five years.  Really we could write a book; part comedy, part humor, no self help.  As my brothers are in town, my baby brother volunteered to watch the boys, so my husband and I could go out.  He’s a good brother and possibly the favorite uncle.

After getting ready, I told my husband that I was ready when he was.  Perhaps it was my fault for saying it at the entrance of the family room and not directly between the TV and him.  He was zoned into the NFL network (which I hate with a passion, turning my husband from a little more zealous than the average fan to just a few degrees from painting his face and chest).  Tornado E, who was sitting by his dad, looked up and said,  “Daddy’s going to watch football for a few seconds.”  Score 1 for Dad.  Obviously my husband says that phrase much too often.

Well, we did go to dinner and had a good time.  Then we tried to rent a movie, which I should never have suggested.  In the time I had picked out two DVDs to buy and 2 to rent, my husband picked out 2 to buy.  Then there was the long agonizing decision on what to rent for the night.  God, I thought I was going to slit my wrists.  Then we go to pay only to find our account on hold, and the cashier doubling our purchases.  Then the manager had to fix it.  Then they didn’t have change.  Yup, that’s my luck.

We get home to watch the last of Robin Hood with the boys, a movie their Uncle bought for them at Christmas due to the fond childhood memories we had.  My husband, in classic fashion, fell asleep on the couch.  My brother went into the garage to get a soda with Tornado E trailing him.  Then Tornado E burst into the room, jumped on his dad, and shouted, “Uncle Matt got a Pepsi!”  You would have thought he got a million dollars or at least some ice cream.

And before I close, my brother informed me that Tornado S has learned a new word . . . candy.  A new dawn of begging shall assume.


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