Tornado S

I feel a little bad that Tornado E steals the limelight.  He talks, and he’s funny.  That’s not to say Tornado S isn’t funny, but he’s babbling makes it a little hard to understand.  I figure I owe him his own post of little random things he does.

First off both my boys are talkers and daredevils.  The difference is Tornado S waits until Tornado E shuts up.  When it comes to risk taking, I have no fear when Tornado E attempts something crazy like climb the banister; the kid is graceful and coordinated, and you know by watching him that he knows what he’s doing, like a gymnast tackling the uneven bars.  Tornado S, on the other hand, will take on anything, whether he is ready or able to or not.  He’s a little clumsy, which does not stop him from trying to balance or dance on the coffee table.  Yup, Tornado S is crazy, which is why he already has had stitches.

Tornado S is so happy that I am shocked by his enthusiasm.  He has several favorite games that he plays with glee.  First is running round the table screaming with joy, stopping to give me a big grin, then running around the table again.  Sometimes he’ll stop to kiss my lips before running off.  The next is to get into the laundry room or closet, smile, and then shut the door.  He will peak out his head after a minute, smile, and then slam the door.  Unfortunately, sometimes he places his body right behind the door and can’t get out nor can we get in (you can imagine how fun it is to tell a screaming toddler to back up).  Finally his favorite game (the one his father absolutely hates) is shutting off the TV.  Tornado E did this one too.  Tornado S will find the off button (the one I have to bang a dozen times to work) and shut the TV off with one tiny push.  His favorite times to do this is when the show or video game peaks at its most interesting time.  This game will become even more fun as football season starts (Tornado E learned it DURING football season).  The only reason my husband has not kill our sons is because we own TiVo (the best invention in the last five years, tied with unleakable sippy cups, but they occasionally leak).  To get around this obstacle, Tornado S has learned the remote has something to do with the TV, so he now grabs the remote and then shuts off the TV.  I told you he’s smart.

Tornado S is also in the biting stage.  It’s a love bite. Tornado E went through this too, but he only bit me (lucky me).  Tornado S will love bite any one he loves.  So grandma, daddy, and Wally have received bites.  Of course, I receive the most.  Once he gave me a kiss, which turned into a strong bite on my bottom lip.  I had to pull him off.  Keeping my composure, I said to my husband, “If you value your son’s life, take him away now.”  I then went to spit out the blood.  Ah, motherhood.

But really, Tornado S is incredibly happy kid.  He loves his older brother.  With his doe eyes and dimple, he’ll be a looker, and I’ve already trained him to be a cuddler.  He cuddles every soft stuffed animal he can find.  Yup, he’ll be a lady killer.  God, help me.


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