A note on penises

The other night my best friend’s roommate came over to pick her up.  As she was not ready, the roommate came inside the house to wait.  He has been to our house several times, and I have even fed him.  Tornado E had just gone potty and was watching TV half naked, disregarding rule 1, but I had not noticed as I was changing Tornado S.  As I walked my friend and her roommate out.  The roommate turns to me and asks:

Roommate: Does he always . . . you know?  He was doing it the last time.

Me: Play with his penis?

Roommate: (it should be mentioned the roommate is male, but he’s also from the Midwest, which usually means they have different sensibilities.)  Yeah, he seems to do it a lot.

Me: Well, it’s there.  It’s fun, so he thinks why not.  I am not quite sure if men didn’t wear clothes, they would be playing with theirs all the time, too.

Roommate: I don’t . . . never mind.

Yup, there really isn’t any argument to the theory.  My husband says girls would do the same thing.  I shrug.  Some would.  Some can contain themselves.  Men are just obsessed.

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