Potty Training

I would say we’re in phase two of potty training, training pants, except for bowel movements.  Any mother, who has potty trained, knows what an accomplishment this really is.  Those other moms, who put there kids in day care so someone else would teach their kid, are cheaters. 😛  But as always the observations that Tornado E makes are hilarious and reminds us how crazy this all is.

To begin potty training, I put the potty in the family room, so Tornado E could sit and watch TV as he tried to go.  This met with minimal results, until I read Potty Training for Dummies, which my husband made fun of, but it worked, so I don’t care.  Rather than letting him watch Sesame Street while he was on the pot, I just sat him down for a few minutes every hour or so.  This worked well, except I didn’t take the potty out of the family room.  When I finally decided Tornado E could make his way to the potty in the bathroom, Tornado E decided he would rather pee in the family room.  He would carry his potty into the family room and do his business.  Then he would jump up and shout with enthusiasm “I went pee!”  Yea!!  Except can we try to keep the potty in the bathroom?

My parents arrived during this transitional time.  Tornado E sat with his beloved Papi, watching cartoons, until the urge hit him.  He turned to my dad and said, “Papi!  I need to go pee!  I’ll be right back!”  (Parents of toddlers know that everything is spoken with an exclamation point.)  So up the naked toddler runs, then he carried in his potty and peed.  Jumping up, he shouted, “Look, Papi! I went pee!”  My dad, being a good grandfather, congratulated him and, being a good father, told me that it was ok that Tornado E went pee in the potty in the family room in front of guests as long as he didn’t insist the guests look at his pee.  Thanks, Dad!  I couldn’t figure that out on my own.

Another interesting phenomenon with potty training is potty training with the pool.  It makes no sense to kids.  You let me pee outside.  You pee into water.  Why can’t I?  Remarkably, Tornado S does get out of the pool, walks a yard away, and pees on the pool fence.  It amazes me.  He’s done it on several occasions, and every time we have the look on our face that says “What the hell?”  Then we wipe the look off our faces and congratulate him as Tornado S points at his penis and puddle, smiling.  Tornado E is a different story.

Tornado E was swimming with his Papi.  He was playing in the spa as my dad was playing on the steps with Tornado S. Tornado S had just done his miraculous getting-out-to-pee trick, and my dad praised him a great deal.  Then Tornado E pops out, “Look! Papi!  I’m peeing!  I’m peeing!”  Sure enough, he was a little fountain.  Like the good Papi he is, my dad jokingly yelled for Tornado E to stay away as Tornado E tried to climb into the pool with his Papi and brother.  Another proud moment for the potty training memories.

Finally there are the bowel movements.  Tornado E goes into a panic if he doesn’t have a diaper on, and we can’t convince him to try to go in the potty.  He now lets me know, goes off somewhere, and is just starting to let me know when he needs to be wiped up.  My brothers and I watched him as he went into his toy area and did a semi-squat.  We all wore the “What the hell?” look again.  The other day Tornado E had diarrhea, and he let me know each of the times he needed a diaper.  As I was on the phone with my mom (and she was “telling” me how I should encourage the potty use for bowel movements, yet again), I mentioned Tornado E had diarrhea.  Well, that did it.  It is now his favorite word.  Awesome.    Instead of saying “I need to go poop, Mommy,” it’s “Mommy, I need to go diarrhea,” with that impish grin.  He’s such a boy!  He’s ahead of the curve; I’m just waiting until he starts singing it.

So hopefully if you read this, had a good laugh and remembered or realized we’re all in the trenches together.  And if you’re like the moms who think their just-turned-two year old will be potty trained in a month or so, good luck.  The rest of us will laugh because we thought that too.

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