Dinosaur Treat

Evan made a red candy treat from play dough and ran off with it.  I don’t like when he does that because Sean tends to nibble on play dough.  But I was keeping Sean occuppied with a game of ball and didn’t wory about it.

Evan: Mommy!  Mommy!  Come here!  (I walked into the family room.)  Mommy, the aligator got candy!

Me: He got candy?  What candy?

Evan: (lifting the head of the dinasour toy, which your suppose to put balls into and they slide out it’s mouth) See? It’s play dough candy!  I made it!

Me: Wow!  Why did the aligator get candy?

Evan: He got candy for going poop!  He went poop on the floor, and he got candy!  (turning to the dinosaur) Good job, alligator!

OK.  Works for me.

One Response to “Dinosaur Treat”

  1. tigerlily Says:

    LOL!!!! Totally could imagine this happening…too funny.

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