Little Rock Star

It seems that Evan has inherited the ability to sing made-up songs.  Unfortunately that came from me, and I can’t sing to save my life, through I can pretend I can (unfortunately for my husband).  Yesterday Evan was using the tricycle handle to loudly sing into.  This was not the usual slow pace, understand all the lyrics song; this was a scream in the microphone with all your rage song.


He moved onto the crank handles of our living room window.  When I asked him what he was doing, he stopped, turned, and said, “Sh, Mommy.  I’m singing.  I’m trying to rock out.”


Hmm.  I wonder if it’s all the exposure to the alternative rock channel or Guitar Hero.  But rock away, little guy.


As a side note: Another day with two differnt naps days, so please forgive the quick read, if it’s too quick.  I’ll try for a longer post.  Wish me luck.

4 Responses to “Little Rock Star”

  1. hankypanky4me Says:

    Hi..I found you and thought I would keep up with your blog…Have a good day!

  2. tigerlily Says:

    That’s adorable. You always have the funniest stories!

  3. badmommymoments Says:

    ONE is also a singer/songwriter. She uses her music to comment on the injustices of her life. My favorite song of hers (also her first) was performed at the dinner table right after she turned three. It went like this: “Cous cous are not my favorite. Sometimes I eat them, but not tonight.” I probably should have let her off the hook simply because she made me laugh and it was a very relevant song. But who am I to squelch the creative spirit?

  4. faemom Says:

    Hankypanky4me, Tigerlilly, Badmommymoments:
    Thank you. I promise you there will be more. My boys are just too bright not to make me pull my hair.

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