A random post

I just got my new cell phone.  I ordered it online because we all know a toddler can really tear up a cell phone store.  I made sure I could get the most expensive free one I could.  One grade higher than my husband’s fancy, nice phone.  Does that make me sound competitive, immature, or materialistic?  I’m hoping for competitive.  So now I have to spend some time playing with it.  On top of all the chores that need to be done before my parents and my grandma get here tomorrow.  I know.  I know.  They know I have little kids, and they had little kids, so they don’t expect a perfectly clean house.  But I still have to put something together, right?  Besides my grandma hasn’t been to my house in years, and she’s never stayed overnight.  And of course, Sean is teething and NEEDS to be held, so I really should be getting things done while they nap instead of blogging.  But I feel bad that I haven’t been able to read all my favorite blogs in two days and all the blogs of people who have been so kind as to write on my blog.  I swear I’m getting to you.  I’m just a slow reader, but I do have an incredible retention rate, so I’ll be able to tell my husband and best friend everything I read.  Ok.  Now you know what my emails look like.  For all you non-English majors, we call this “stream of consciousness.”


One Response to “A random post”

  1. coolmomchristi Says:

    OK-I don’t think it makes you sound competitive…My husband would give a crap less if mine were fancier than his, lol…I would be playing too, just sayin hehe! You are too cute and crack me up, I hope to see you more often at my blog, I have seen a few hits from your blog already, either you or others clicking on it. Either way I am thrilled. I think you write great and I feel connected since we have kids. Have a fun time with your family–Christi

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