Underwear Challenges

We are trying to move on from the naked stage to underwear stage, using mainly training paints.  Refer to penis rules number three and four.  But underwear is having its challenges and not just trying to keep Tornado E in them.

As my parents are in town, they tend to help out around the house.  The other day my mom was helping Tornado E get dressed.  She doesn’t approve of letting Tornado E run around naked because he needs to learn to pull on and off underwear.  Good point and I can’t say anything about having a naked kid because that was me, even in stores.  My mom put Tornado E in his special Mickey underwear and then into shorts.  A few minutes after he was dressed, he was trying to pull down his shorts and underwear.  My mom tried to explain why we wear underwear, but Tornado E just exclaimed, “My penis needs to feel better.”  He stripped his clothes and insisted he needed to put his underwear on backwards.  It was then my mom understood that the underwear was rubbing wrong on his penis and helped him back into his underwear, adjusting it for comfort.  She then said, “I guess you can’t wear clothes if you’re uncomfortable.”

Then yesterday as we walked through the swap meet, my dad noticed Tornado E was grabbing at the crouch of his pants.  Worried that Tornado E may have had one kind of accident or another, he asked Tornado E what was wrong.  Tornado E just squirmed away trying to fix his pants.  My dad grabbed Tornado E and looked down his pants, only to find Tornado E had a wedgie.  My dad adjusted Tornado E’s pants and underwear.  Tornado E exclaimed, “That feels much better!”

Ah the innocence of youth.  The trouble with underwear.  He’s lucky he isn’t a girl.


One Response to “Underwear Challenges”

  1. tigerlily Says:

    Oh, the trials and tribulations of underwear! Who knew it would be such an issue? Sigh.

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