More Penis Stories

As though you can’t get enough of them.


Remember the Disneyland story and teaching Tornado E to pee standing up and showing him to shake his penis?  Well, let’s just say that Tornado E is fascinated with the whole thing, standing AND shaking.  This story happened as Tornado E sat on the potty; while I watched.  He now insists that I join him in the bathroom because he doesn’t get candy when he doesn’t aim (due to the fact he was not aiming on purpose, just letting it fly), so he hopes that I will help him if the need should arise.


Tornado E: It shakes.  (pause) I can shake my head.  (pause)  I can shake my penis.  I can shake both my head and penis.  (He shook his head.)  Mommy, I’m done.  Can you shake my penis?  (I reach down and shake the skin above his penis.)  Thank you, Mommy.


Me: Good job, Tornado E!


Tornado E: (looking down at his penis) Good job, penis!


As we finished up dinner later that night, I told my husband of the new penis story, which he laughed.


Tornado E: (looking down at his penis because he had just gone to the bathroom) Good job, penis.  You went potty well.  (Looking at us.)  I have a baby penis.  Daddy, you have a daddy penis.  Tornado S has a baby penis.  Mommy, you have a mommy penis.


Me: No, Tornado E.  Girls don’t have penises.  They have vaginas.


Tornado E: No, Mommy, girls have . . . um . . . ah . . . they have  . . . ah . . . um . . . they have bottoms!  Girls have bottoms.


Me: Yes, girls have bottoms.


Tornado E: Girls have bottoms.  Boys have bottoms.  I have a bottom, too.  I go poop with my bottom.  I go diarrhea.


I am amazed that my son already thinks that he knows more than me, and my husband is amazed that Tornado E likes the word diarrhea so much.

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