Another Pee Victory

Since the boys are still asleep and I worked my ASS off earlier today as they played in the sandbox outside, I figured I’d write about our newest potty training victory.

Last night I finally put Tornado E in his very first pull-ups.  (Ok, he’s over due, but I buy my diapers at Costco.  I had to use them up.)  He looked at them and said “They’re like underwear!  But they’re diapers!”

Then Tornado E scurried to where the box was and noticed the picture of the little boy who was sitting on the potty with his hands up in victory and the pull-ups down around his knees.  Tornado E pointed to the box and said, “Look at the little boy!  He’s wearing diaper underwear like me!  He’s using the potty!  I think I need to go potty!  I need to use my special potty!”

Out of his room he went, straight to the bathroom.  He struggled to pull off his pull-ups and sat down on the potty with his legs closed tight.  (Due to the stupidity of the training potty industry they make many potties without a shield guard to block the pee coming out of little penises.  New mothers, such as myself, buy these stupid things that have a tiny “guard” that just helps lift the penis out of the bowl.  Luckily my mom showed me my error.  It took three stores to buy the right kind of toilet.  But now I have this stupid one that I keep in the upstairs bathroom.  I have taught Tornado E to aim, after many mistrials. {Long aside, I know.})  But as my husband and I watched Tornado E, I noticed there was a stream of water gathering between his legs.  Crap.  Or should I say, piss.  Before I could help him, Tornado E’s shirt gathered all the piss.  Tornado E jumped up and declared his victory.

Well, not every battle is without their casualties.

Of course, he wet his pull-ups during the night.  Poor Tornado E looked so sad as he showed me his diaper underwear.

On another note, since the Disneyland incident where Tornado E had to learn to pee standing up, Tornado E has been playing with his penis as he pees, moving it around to aim at different places in the potty as he sits.  I guess it’s good practice for when he has to aim for the bowl.  Now we’re learning good hygiene.  Which reminds me, I have to make a sign to remind him.

Finally, Tornado S has become intensely interested in watching his father pee, which gives my husband the creeps.  Really.  Get over it.  Also, Tornado S has learned to take of his diaper and proceeds to make a run for it.  Maybe I should start training Tornado S.


6 Responses to “Another Pee Victory”

  1. holeycheese Says:

    These potty training posts make me laugh so much.. they are just so funny. 🙂

    But it makes me think though.. Did you think about the option to just from one day to another take the diaper away completely daytime? Kids tend to get comfused from the fact that they are sometimes having underwear and sometimes diaper – and it’s to hard for them to think everytime if they have a diaper or not. This could make the process faster.

    I just want to tell you my experience.. We tried this on two kids.. our son when he was 2 years and 9 months, and our daughter when she was around 2,5. We took the diaper away – introduced underwear and never went back to using diapers again. Believe me – I cleaned the floors a lot the first days! But within a few days we were done. then we used pullups when going out for doing shopping, visiting people etc. until they were comfortable with using toilets in other places.. telling the pullups were just in case – but shouldn’t be used as a diaper.(Though our girl kept peeing in the pullups every time.. but was fine when she had underwear)

    If he is ready.. this would probably work.. though you’ll need a lot of patience. It probably takes between two days and two weeks.

    When it comes to forgetting to put the penis down when peeing our son still does that sometimes – and he has been whitout diaper for 1,5 years now.. apparently easy to forget. Though he is mainly standing up when peeing.. that works better.. only sits when number 2.

    wuups.. a long comment.
    Take it or leave it

  2. penelope Says:

    Keep up the good work, Faemom!!! 🙂

  3. faemom Says:

    Holeycheese: Thanks for the comment and advice! My biggest issue is Evan not wanting to poop in the potty. Do you have any advice?

    Penelope: Thanks. I’m adding getting my children out of diapers and juvy as part of my parenting goals.

  4. holeycheese Says:

    Well.. this I think is the most common problem.. and there is no need to keep the diaper on daytime just because of that. You could offer a diaper – only for pooping, when you know he needs to. But if nothing happens you take it away again. Usually it is not so urgent – so he will maybe wait until the evening when he gets the diaper for the night.
    Might be he finds it creepy to do it on the potty. Have you tried with a kid seat for the toilet?

    We had with both kids a couple of weeks when they didn’t want to poop at all.. not in potty, not in toilet, not in diaper. So they did only every 3 or 4 days.. really uncomfortable the last day. Somehow after a few weeks they found it easier to just do it in the toilet and that’s it.

    But all kids are different.. there are kids who need a diaper for pooping until they are 5 or 6..
    A very common solution to the problem is also to poop by mistake.. peeing and pooping is the same muscle.. so at a certain point they can’t pee without pooping. And once they see they did it, it might be less scary next time.

    I hope you’ll figure out something that works.

  5. faemom Says:

    Holeycheese, thanks again. I have been debating not giving him a diaper for pooping for a while. He just gets so upset if he doesn’t have one. But I might just try it.

  6. penelope Says:

    Diapers and juvy? LOL!!!

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