Tiki Eating Habits

From the Tiki expert himself:


Evan: Tikis like vegetables.  They eat grapes and bananas.  No, they don’t like bananas.  They’re squishy and sticky.  I like bananas.  I eat bananas.


Yup, he’s still obsessed with the Tiki Room and the Tikis.  It’s amazing he hasn’t asked to be a Tiki for Halloween, but he did find my bobble-head Tiki god.  (I got it in Las Vegas at the “World’s Largest Souvenir Shop,” which was filled with lots of campy items.  It was awesome.)

One Response to “Tiki Eating Habits”

  1. penelope Says:

    Ooooh, I want a Tiki bobble-head for my car dashboard? How cool would that be?? 🙂

    Supercute quote by your son, there.

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