A Sad Torando S Day with a Question

It’s a sick day today, so I’m writing early and quick.  Tornado S hasn’t been himself all day, crying with his eyes shut most of the time.  I’m not sure what it is.  No fever, no tightness in the belly.  But it looks like he’s teething on his last two teeth, and he has a nasty diaper rash, and he seems ultra tired.  So I’m hoping it’s just the combination of the three creating a perfect storm of crying fits.  It doesn’t help that Tornado E feels that he needs the attention.  Seeing that the cute, funny Tornado E isn’t getting the attention, the negative side has taken over, and I have tried to plead with his more mature instincts.  Barring that, it just might be a cartoon and DVD day all day.  A poor mother’s last resort.


Tornado E’s is very demanding today, probably because Tornado S needs me.  Tornado E was so upset that I took my “me” time.  I was ready to say –Listen, kid, your Mommy needs 15 minutes a day, just 15 minutes, to get ready.  That’s way less than most women, and if I didn’t stink like a football player at the end of a hot summer training practice, I would only take 10.  Trust me, you want me to take a shower and brush my teeth; it’ll make all of us happy.  I can smell pretty and take 15 minutes to meditate and center myself with some patience that you killed yesterday, and you get to watch Mickey and have a clean smelling Mommy who won’t keep kissing you with morning breath.  And if you force me, I will lock you and your brother out of the room, and you can whine all you want because your Mommy has a high tolerance for annoying noises.  Go ask Papi; he broke down and fixed the annoying beep that went off every two minutes, which had been going off for six months.  Papi was here less than 24 hours and broke down.  It’s a gift, really.  Now, go watch Mickey and report back to me when it’s done.  And so help me God, if you make your brother cry, I will package you up and send you in a box to your uncle for buying you those damn Hulk boxing gloves.  Then he’ll have to deal with a Kung Fu Master in boxing gloves at 6 in the morning.


But instead I stepped into the warm shower and let it drown out that tiny whiny voice.


A question: Do your children know when you’ve stayed up late and decide to get up earlier than usual?


I swear my boys have a knack for getting up early the morning after I’ve stayed up too long.  It kills me.  Which reminds me, I need some caffeine.


7 Responses to “A Sad Torando S Day with a Question”

  1. penelope Says:

    OMG, too funny! But sorry to hear about the sickness and hope he is feeling better very, very soon.

  2. faemom Says:

    We totally wrote to each other the same time. Crazy.

  3. cropandscrapdesigner Says:

    I hope the baby is feeling better soon and Yes, they seem to know when you are sleep deprived. How do they know? Who knows?!


  4. badmommymoments Says:

    oh, but they’re so cute when they’re sick. so weak and tired and cuddly.

    i hope you don’t catch whatever it is. is SUCKS being a sick mom…as you probably know all too well.

  5. penelope Says:

    Oh, yeah, what badmommymoments said…those times when we ALL have it and it’s harder to be nurturer.

  6. faemom Says:

    Thank you for the support. It was better than I feared; it really was the triple crown of horrible diaper rash, too tired, and two eye teeth breaking through. Once he had his morning nap and I realized he needed some oral-gel on top of tylenol, he turned out pretty good. Just two naps. And Evan actually did well too. As for catching things, I have the immunity of a cockroach; I’ve only gone down three times in 3 and half year. Two of those times was food posioning.

  7. penelope Says:

    Hooray for pain-relieving meds. So glad he’s feeling better. Whew.

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