The Upside Down Show Remote

Has any one seen The Upside Down Show?  It’s a show on Noggin that happens to be on at eight o’clock here at my house.  Right before the boys bed time.  It’s a show about two brothers who go on imaginary adventures, and it teaches the kids to use their imagination.  This first time I saw this show I though – what the hell?  These men are crazy.  Of course, Evan loved it, and as I began to see it more, I realized the men where incredible actors and writers to come up with the storylines and the use of their facial and body expressions.  Well, the show features a remote that the kids press buttons like “the fast button,” “the slow button,” “the jumping button,” and so on.  When the children “press” these buttons, the actors comically do what is pressed.


So the other night we just finished watching the show as my husband returned home, it was bed time, but the appearance of Daddy made the boys giddy.  I took the time to turn off the TV, saying “Will someone please press ‘the off button?’”


Evan: Oh, no, will someone press ‘the on button?’


Evan ran to my husband who picked him up.


Evan: Oh, no, someone pressed ‘the up button.’


Husband: How about some flying?  (and he lifeted Evan up.)


(Sean at this point, as he had been doing during the show for the first time, pretended to have a remote “pressing” the buttons.)


Evan: Did someone press ‘the flying button?’  Could someone please press ‘the down button?’


(Evan is set down, and my husband goes to the kitchen to get a drink of water with Evan following him.)


Evan: Could someone please press ‘the up button?’  (pause)  Could someone please press ‘the down button?’


Me: Could someone please press ‘the it’s bedtime button?’

6 Responses to “The Upside Down Show Remote”

  1. Christi Says:

    I love that show, we never see it anymore tho. I am not sure why. Noggin goes off air to the N at 5 pm here so we have to use our DVR shows from then on. But we went through a button phase too!!! Too cute!

  2. badmommymoments Says:

    I don’t care what they say, TV rocks!

  3. faemom Says:

    Thanks Christi and Badmommymoments: TV using parents of the world unite!

  4. penelope Says:

    We need a bedtime button over here! (And we also love that show…so creative. My son always says, all proud, “**I** pressed that button” when the guys wiggle or fly or go backwards or whatever).

  5. faemom Says:

    That’s so cute!

  6. veronica Says:

    It drives me bonkers when people say that T.V. is bad children! It may be bad for us since it promotes an increase in our midsection {little joke} but for children, especially preschoolers like my daughter, it is a very powerfull tool. She learns such productive things with shows like the Upside Down show. Yes I too thought those two guys were crazy and kindaa weired at first but they truly are creative and great!

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