Big Boy Dinosaur

Evan’s imagination has no bounds, and depending on the hour and the day, he is something new.  Today happens to fall on dinosaur day.


This morning Evan came tromping down the stairs roaring.


Evan: Hi, Mommy!  Arrr!  I’m a T-rex!  Roar!  And I’m hungry!  Roar!


Me: Well, what do t-rex’s eat?


Evan:  Hmm.  I don’t know.  French fries French toast!  Roar! 


(Note: French fries French toast is actually plain, ordinary French toast.)


Later as the boys bathed and I busied myself with a few exercises (I have an issue with staying still), Evan BEGGED me to dump the sponge capsules his beloved Grandma and Papi gave him, which I agreed reluctantly, wondering what would happen if Sean happened to swallow one.  My fear turned out unjustified as Sean was just excited that Evan had relinquished his favorite bath toy, the pink squid from Finding Nemo, to play with the sponges, which slowly turned into dinosaurs.  These spongy dinosaurs would keep the dinosaur theme very much alive. 


As any mother with two small ones would do, I left Evan to risk drowning as I quickly put a diaper on a damp Sean, asking Evan questions in case he figured out a way to drown himself in 60 seconds.  Evan was alive as I grabbed the toys out of the bath and unplugged the drain, making sure no sponge dinosaurs were sucked into the deadly whirlpool and potentially causing us to fork out large sums of money to a plumber.  Evan again BEGGED me to leave the dinosaurs on the side of the tub as he laid down in the last of the water, soaking it up.  As soon as Evan was pulled from an empty bath and dried, he turned to his dinosaurs.


Evan: Baby dinosaurs, are you ok?  Did you have fun with Mommy?  Yes, I know; she’s fun!


Of course, we are in dinosaur stage three, which means Evan rejected the shirt options I laid out, insisting that dinosaurs run around naked.  (Note: According to Evan, monkeys and skeletons run around naked as well.)  I wrestle Evan into a dinosaur shirt, hoping he would wear for the picture.  At least he didn’t wrestle it off.


As the morning progress, I left the boys to watch Mickey as I jumped into the shower.  Because Mickey entertains my boys so well, I took my time to inhale my one morning joy, sweet pea shower gel.  It’s really the only reason I wake up.  That and the boys. And all the other mom and homemaker stuff that needs to be done.


I came down to Sean whining and to find Evan laying on him.  I grabbed Evan and asked if Sean was happy or sad.


Evan: Sad.


Me: Did Sean like it when you were on top of him?  (Squeezing him.  You’re lucky that you only have five pounds or so on him or I would really be mad.)


Evan: No.


Me: Then don’t lay on him.  You’re too big.  (Haven’t we been over this before?  Over and over?)


Evan: But we were playing!


Me: What were you playing? (Squish your baby brother?)


Evan: We were playing dinosaurs!


Me: Oh, really?  (Please enlighten us with your logic of how slowly suffocating your baby brother is playing dinosaurs when you don’t even know they ate each other.)


Evan: That’s how dinosaurs play!  You’re the mommy dinosaur!  I’m the big boy dinosaur!  And Seanny’s the baby dinosaur!


Me:  Big brother dinosaurs protect baby dinosaurs.  They play with them nice.  They don’t lay on them.


Evan: Oh!  Seanny dinosaur wants to play with a ball.  Is that ok?


Me: Yes.


And it occurred to me that this will be a LONG day, where I will desperately need some chocolate.  Since my stash is being quickly depleted (Thank God for Halloween!), I might just have to make some brownies.

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