Update: Today’s Story Time

So we tried today’s story time for pre-schoolers.  And other than chasing them out of the house, racing through the grocery store for eggs (And you’re asking for banana?  Just as long as you eat them.), racing back to the store because Evan decided he needed to pee as I was about to load the boys in the car, and rushing to the library to make it in the nick of time (No, no time for the fountain today.  After.  If you’re quiet in story time.  Sean, eat your cracker faster.), the boys did well.  Ok, Evan did great, listening, singing, voicing his opinions, and volunteering.  Apparently I haven’t taught Evan what rhetorical questions are.  Why would ANY ONE ask a rhetorical question to a bunch of pre-schoolers?


Sean started loosing it after ten minutes, trying to squirm off my lap and to freedom.  When he realized he couldn’t get out of the mommy prison, he resorted to biting his way out, and I resorted to my secret weapon of a pacifier.  He still squirmed a bit, but he was more content.


Afterwards I wasted no time in dragging the boys upstairs to the nonfiction section to find the books I wanted.  Wouldn’t you know they didn’t have the book I wanted?  Luckily they had a computer right there where I could look up a few more books as the boys played drums on the stools.  As I finished writing down the call numbers, Evan informed me he needed to use the bathroom again.  This time I was able to rush him to the bathroom without any accidents.  But the toilets were a little high and I had to help hold him so he could be which was funny enough for me to start laughing.


So I got the books I wanted, and Evan insisted they were for him and didn’t need any other books.  Fine.  So I am almost finished with The book and will report on it tomorrow.  And of course, I am starting to read books mentioned in The book.  And tonight is the town’s trick or treat celebration, so I have to go and see what this is all about.  With hilarious results . . .

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