The Perfect Purse

I’m in search for the perfect purse.  I have come to realize that I don’t like any of the twenty-odd some purses that line the shelves of the master closet.  (Apparently the wife of the house before was a bit of a shoe horse.)  I’ll admit it.  It’s my one fashion weakness (aside from the fairy shirts, which are really a sad addiction).  I just like purses.  I know I have more than shoes, and the devastation of having one stolen or loss just cuts to the core of my being.  But this obsession is probably not what you think.  None of them are Gucci or Coach.  They’re all completely different, and I absolutely wish my photo program would talk to Vista so I could show you.


I think it must have started with my first purse.  My first adult purse given to me when the women of my family were desperate to teach me to embroider, but I preferred to play football with my brothers and cousins instead.  My great-aunts gave me a vintage 1940s handbag that belonged to my grandmother to keep my embroidery materials.  I fell in love with the purse that my brothers affectionately called “the bowling bag.”  Yup, it looked like a slightly smaller bowling bag with plaid material.  Without tiny little bags inside, I would loose coins, pens, lip balm deep in its bowls, just like Mary Poppins.  But it could carry everything I needed as well as the book I was reading.  My dad’s mother did everything she could to get me to part with it.  I have several purses that I have given to my mom or donated to charity.  Unfortunately I had to retire it because the wear and tear was starting to show, and I would like to keep it as an heirloom.  If only I could fix it . . . .


Then came the Happy Meal boxes of my senior high school year.  But as those deteriorated quite quickly, I moved on to a Little Twins tin box, which was big enough for my wallet (also Little Twin Stars), pens, and some lip palm.  Of course I upgraded to the larger tin as well as bought a tiny pink vinyl bag just in case.  Then came the plastic Little Twins box.  Seeing a theme?  Yes, by this time I was in college, and everyone knew me by my boxes.


To top of my purses/boxes, my favorite was a metal Jaws lunch box.  I love it.  If I didn’t need both hands free, I still would be carrying it around.  This was yet another trade mark fashion trend by me, and again, every one knew it was my Jaws lunch box.  My husband loves it, and it was my purse off and on until I had Evan; hence, the need for both hands.


In between the boxes were cute little purses.  I have a little girls purse that is hologram, costing me $2.50 at Big Lots.  I used it on one of the first time I met my husband’s circle of friends, and he was completely intrigued by the purse.  Once he knew the price, he was blown away because he had bought his last girlfriend a $250 purse.  I have an M&M shaped purse that I got at M&M World, and a small little plastic bucket I used for some beach-themed outfits.  My most respectable purse is a cute black one that my brother bought me for Christmas one year, and I use it strictly for adult functions.


I have three purses shaped like Chinese take-out boxes.  One is a cheap one covered by read embroidered material.  I have a black one with embroidered butterflies and a silver handle.  But my favorite take-out box is vinyl and painted to look like an actual take-out box. 


Four of my purses are smallish and have tons of pockets.  One is my denim “ultra-organized” purse, used in my most stressful times because it has a place for EVERYTHING and I know I won’t loose anything important in it.  I recently acquired another purse like that only without so many pockets and made with a Hawaiian print.  The one I use the most lately is green with a few little pockets that are perfect for pacifiers, but I’m getting tired of it.  The last one is of a sea cartoon print that was on sale at Wal-Mart.  It’s fun, but it just doesn’t have as many pockets as I would like it to have.


To complete the collection are several miscellaneous purse.  Two are big without packets but are in outrageous patterns and wooden handles, and they were both purchased by my husband hoping for forgiveness (oh, and don’t worry, he also bought jewelry.).  Of course I have a couple of small make-up boxes, one has sparkly stars.  My mom, after finally resigning to the fact that this is her daughter’s fashion taste and that it irks her mother-in-law, bought me a Care Bear round metal tin for my last birthday.  It is so adorable, but I haven’t found an occasion to use it.  Then there are two metal lunch pails.  One has bright pink flowers painted all over it.  The other is from Costco when they were selling the s’more kit.  It has marshmallow people bar-b-quing and eating s’mores, which seems to me to have cannibal implications.


So now I’m looking for a small to medium bag with lots of pockets and unique patterns.  Something that can take the wear and tear of a mom on the go and two little kids.  Not too large because I would just put junk in it, and if I wanted to schlep around junk, I would carry the diaper bag, which remains in the car unless we’re going to be too far away from it.  With large handle, it has to be something I could throw over my arm to have my hands free, but nothing that looks like my mom’s (shudder).  I wonder if those little back packs are back in style . . . .

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2 Responses to “The Perfect Purse”

  1. penelope Says:

    Oh, welcome to the quest. I’ve been looking for the perfect purse for YEARS now. Sigh. (Yours sound very creative, though, I have to say!)

  2. faemom Says:

    Well, I try to make a statement. I’m starting to wonder if I should make my own purse . . .

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