A Delightful Family Planning Discussion with my Mom. Wohoo.

Me: . . . to prepare for my first trimester and –


Mom: What?!


Me: I said I was planning on buying a few extra gingerbread mixes to prepare when I’m in my first trimester.  You know-


Mom: Do you have something to tell me?


Like I would ever “forget” to tell my mom that I was pregnant.  She’s the planned third person to know.  I say planned because in both of my previous pregnancies she was out with her girlfriends when I found out and I ended up telling my dad instead.  Besides if I wanted to string her along, I would have done a better job as I am my father’s daughter.


Me: No, Mom.  I said “prepare.”  We’ve decided to wait six months.  It-


Mom: Six months?!  To start trying?


Me: Yes.


Mom: But that’s so far away!  Why?


Maybe it’s just me, but I do remember her trying to convince me to wait a little longer before the third pregnancy, and now six months is too far away.  Mom, you give me whip lash.  Besides I could have sworn we had this conversation before; she must have been on the computer when I told her, pretending to listen as she tried to figure out 10 down.


Me: Because we want to make sure the office is healthy.  Because I want to make sure we’re financially healthy.  I like the idea of spending more one on one time with Sean when Evan goes to preschool.  I like getting into a swing of things before the baby comes.  I like to drop another five pounds.  I want to go to my brother’s Arizona wedding reception.  Because I want to.


Really, it’s the smartest thing to do.  This way my husband isn’t completely stressed as they pull out of the worst time of year (ask any business owner who does business to business work; they all hate the holidays and the end of the year because it’s the end of the budget and important people are off on ski trips.  My husband can be a real Scrooge.).  We’ll know how long it takes to get to the preschool and the schedule, so I can work it in with breastfeeding.  Maybe I’ll even make a friend or two who can carpool with me.  I wouldn’t want to miss my brother’s second reception.  So now instead of wobbling my way through the Northeast coast, I’ll be vomiting.


Mom: You don’t have to wait so long.  You could get pregnant sooner and have a January or February baby.


Me: I don’t like winter babies.


Mom: Why not?


My husband: (Walking into the room) Why not?


Me: Because I like summer birthdays.  I don’t want to have birthdays close to Christmas.  And all my really cute maternity clothes are for the summer.


Do I have to have multiple reasons for every decision?


Mom: I guess it makes sense not to have a birthday close to Christmas.  Your brother’s is in November.  (Duh)  All your birthdays were three months apart; if we had another, it would have been born in February.  How about March?


Me: Late March would be fine.


Mom: See, that’s not so far away.  Besides you never know how long it’ll take you to conceive. 


Oh, you mean it may take us three times in a month versus the magic once?  Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it.  Did I just hear laughing?


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10 Responses to “A Delightful Family Planning Discussion with my Mom. Wohoo.”

  1. C Says:


  2. ck Says:

    Yeah, I kinda had you in mind when I wrote my blog this morning.

    I was pretty sure you were the gal I caught sniffing baby wash in Target the other day…

  3. pinnythewu Says:

    Mothers are fun. In an extremely interferring way.

  4. holeycheese Says:

    haha. why is SHE in such a hurry to get YOU pregnant?? 🙂

    Maybe we’ll have babies at the same time. We’re planning on another one some time but we didn’t decide when.. but I’m thinking maybe becoming pregnant next year not earlier than april, not later than october.. we’ll see when it feels right.

  5. faemom Says:

    C: If you noticed, I never got to say what I originally was discussing with my mom.

    ck: I’m totally writing an email because I have so much to say to that. And I’m not yet sniffing baby wash, but I linger over the Christmas dresses. Ugh.

    pinnythewu: I know. Is your mom the same?

    holeycheese: My mom wants grandchildren, lots of them. There is a two kid minimium to enter the family. She also wants a granddaughter. But boy wouldn’t it be fun to be pregnant together. We could compare!

  6. C Says:

    I laughed because of your ability to get impregnated so easily. That ‘was’ me too. I could think about sex and I was preggy. I sometimes ache to have more, but I nearly died and so did the baby so I tied and burnt up my tubes. I will email the article about me and the baby, we made the paper!

  7. faemom Says:

    I’m sorry about your loss of ability. But I’d love to see the paper. Of course, when I finally do have the third, you’re welcome to coo all over it.
    On a side note: (because I know you love babies) MAybe when your girls are older and in school, you can volunteer to rock babies at the hospital.

  8. C Says:

    I would love that but then I would want to adopt one, lol and we need no more little ones, trust me.

  9. KathyB! Says:

    Okay, just one more ridiculously fertile mommy checking in to laugh with you. My little sis rubbed my belly as though I was some sort of fertility goddess when she was trying to conceive.

    Be careful not to sit to close to your hubby on the couch. Sometimes that’s all it takes 😉

  10. faemom Says:

    C-I guess I shouldn’t suggest being a foster parent for babies as the wait for their adoption papers to go through, eh?
    KathyB!- LOL At least you reached goddess worship level. Most of us have to be insanely beautiful and perferable die young to obtain that status. I shall keep a cushion’s distance between my husband and I at all times.

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