God’s Story



Said my husband when he noticed the stain on the white shirt he was ironing so he could wear it for work.  It was said in front of the boys, and I held my breath because if Evan remembered that phrase, I was getting my mouth washed out with soap this Christmas . . . again.  My father (as he is not my dad when he disciplines) hates that phrase, and the last time I said it in front of him, at eighteen, fresh from my first semester away at college,  I was astonished as I was marched into the bathroom and told to open my mouth.  Now I know for sure my father would not hesitate to wash out my mouth again.  If it had happened three months ago, my father would be right to do so but not when I’ve been so good.


But God was merciful.


Evan: Daddy!  God means church!  God means we’re going to church!  God wants us to be quiet in church!  If we’re quiet in church, we go out to eat breakfast!  Then we go home!  The end!  That was a good story, Daddy!


I think we better go to church this Sunday to thank God.

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8 Responses to “God’s Story”

  1. pinnythewu Says:


  2. C Says:

    Mine hear that phrase all too often, honestly from me more than daddy. I am not sure why I say it because I hate to hear it. But sometimes it just floods out. Esp. when I stub my toe! So far the big girls know it is bad and tell me “Mommy that is a bad word” so that is good!~C

  3. holeycheese Says:

    I tell you it becomes harder when they go to kindergarten. I have a problem there because I don’t even know the bad words in hebrew.. so I wouldn’t even notice if they used them. That’s why I always ask them to ask my husband about words they are not sure about what they mean.

  4. Erik Says:

    This is one of my biggest fears of becoming a father. I don’t say that phrase as one of the forbiddens along with the “C” word, but I have been known to do a pretty good sailor impression from time to time. I don’t want my kids to start down that path, and my fiancee will kick my ass.

  5. faemom Says:

    C- At least they correct you.

    holeycheese: Smart idea to have them ask their father. Does he let you know too?

    Erik: When you make it an issue, you can curb it . . . most of the time. Just know that when she slips up too (and she will), you can always give her the “told you so” look. 🙂

  6. sarcasmisonemoreserviceioffer Says:

    Sounds like you definately lucked out.lol :o)

  7. incognitomom Says:

    Oh, I said that more than I realized. Shorty started saying it about a week ago. So, now I find myself saying darn it whenever the GD word is ready to slip out.

  8. faemom Says:

    Sarcasm: I hope so; but to hedge my bet, I told my dad the whole thing, so if it’s said, I won’t have the taste of Dove in my mouth.

    Incognito: Oh no. Isn’t horrible to listen to your little one cuss? And doubley so when you know it’s from you?

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