That Silly Tornado E: Or how to keep a child in bed

Tornado E has decided that he is ready for a later bedtime.  He has been trying to push his bedtime from 8:30 to 9:30 or later.  Yes, we tried earlier naps and shorter naps.  I sat in the hallway outside his door putting him back every time like Supernanny suggests.  During the evening, I’ve started taking him for walks and playing hide ‘n’ go seek to get him tired out.  I’ve given him the water and snacks he’s asked for, and I have ignored the requests.  My husband takes turns at times to see if he has success.  No go.  It wouldn’t worry me so much if he didn’t wake up every morning at 6.  I just don’t think he’s getting enough sleep.


I usually keep the master bedroom door closed because Tornado E will sneak in there and hide.  If he went to sleep in there, like he does sometimes at naptime, I wouldn’t mind, but I usually find him jumping on the bed.  Last night my husband decided he needed to go to bed early to get well faster.  (There’s a concept.)  While I did keep an ear out for Tornado E, I assumed if he snuck into our room he would just snuggle up with Daddy and I would transfer Tornado E when I went to bed.  Instead I heard little feet pitter into the master bedroom and patter out again.  I was naturally curious.


Upon entering Tornado E’s room, I found Tornado E laying on his pillow and the little throw pillow that he uses in our room. 


Tornado E: Look, Mommy!  I have both my pillows!


With a hush, I tucked Tornado E into his bed and kissed him goodnight.


As I finished the dishes, I heard the pitter of little feet running towards the master bedroom and the patter of little feet running away again.  I again went to check out the new development.


This time I found that Tornado E had confiscated my pillow as well and had all three pillows stacked under his head.  He, of course, was beaming from ear to ear.


Tornado E: Look, Mommy!  I have your bed in mine!  So I can sleep on it!  That silly Tornado E!


Since he had crept out of bed, I couldn’t smile, but I tucked him in again.  After I left the room, I shook my head and chuckled, hoping this would keep him in bed.  And it did.

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9 Responses to “That Silly Tornado E: Or how to keep a child in bed”

  1. C Says:

    What a blessing a pillow can be!!

  2. Steph Says:

    Very very cute. I say, whatever works!

    Other ideas:
    baby gate (and earplugs for the first night or two)
    eliminate nap entirely. My youngest did that at 3.

  3. KathyB! Says:

    I agree! Whatever works!! Isn’t it funny that after you’ve tried all the “proven methods” that it’s a quirky little something-or-other that does the trick 🙂

  4. faemom Says:

    Ah yes, whatever works to bring eace.
    Steph, I have been debating cutting out the nap, but I NEED that precious two hours without children. Sigh, but we’ll see.

  5. holeycheese Says:

    But hey.. you would have two hours extra witout the kids in the evening instead!! You can’t expect a three-year-old to sleep well both in the day – and in the night. That’s just simple math

    We cut out the nap when they were 2,5 already.. The girls now go to sleep at 5pm and the boy between 6 and 7.. and they all sleep until 6 in the morning. Only the baby is taking a nap.. and a couple of times a week it’s only a 20 minutes power nap. But it pays back with a long good night sleep.

    Cutting out the nap for Evan would also give you time to do things with him that you can’t do when the little one is awake.. like buildig with small pieces lego, practising letters and reading, reading stories that are for older kids, using scissors etc.. He would sure enjoy it!!

    Once he is going to kindergarten he’s probably going to need one hour extra sleep.

  6. faemom Says:

    You’re right, holeycheese. It’s so hard to break already established patterns.

  7. C Says:

    I have to address holeycheese, my girls are 4 and 5 and still nap for at least an hour, and go to bed at 7. I think each child requires a different amt of sleep. I notice my 4 year old wanting to stop napping, while the 5 year old tells me when she is sleepy during the day. The baby, who is 18 months, will nap as long as I can get her to!!! I long for nap time~C

  8. holeycheese Says:

    C – I know there are a few kids who still need to nap when they are 5. But for most kids it doesn’t work like that. My boy stopped napping not because I wanted him to – but because he wouldn’t fall asleep no matter how many hours I kept him in bed. The naptime was a two-hour fight every day, until I decided to stop trying. And since then everything works a lot better.

    Faemom – yes that is so true that it’s hard to break already established patterns. But when the established patterns don’t make sense any more (like if he’s not going to sleep in the eveing) it might be time to think of new patterns. It’s also harder with the first.. the other ones tend to slip into the schedule a lot easier.
    I hope you will find a good solution when the time comes.. and that you’ll still get your well needed rest in some way.

  9. faemom Says:

    C & Holeycheese: I guess every kid is different and every family is different. I really appreciate the advice. I figure I’ll play around with the napping schedule after the holidays, trying earlier or none. So we’ll see. 🙂

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