Underage Backseat Driver

Evan: Slow down, Mom!  Slow down!  You’re going too FAST!!


Me: Baby, we’re on the freeway.  Mommy is not going too fast.


Evan: Can you hear me?!  You’re going too fast!  Slow down!  Slow down!


Me: Mommy isn’t going too fast.  She’s in the fast lane.


Evan: Turn up the heater; then you’ll slow down!


Me: Look!  That motorcycle passed us.  That car is passing us.  That truck will pass us in a minute.


We drive on in silence as we listened to Christmas carols on the radio.  Listening to carols this early in December is something I never did until this year as Sean can sing the chorus to “Deck the Halls” and Evan is making his own versions of the popular songs.  We merge onto the next freeway.  We get into a lane next to a little bright yellow truck that pulls slowly away to reveal a large yellow Batman sticker covering the back window.


Evan: Look, Mommy!  It’s Batman!  Go faster, Mommy!  Go faster!  We need to beat Batman!  Look, Mommy, Batman!


Me: Evan, it’s not a race, and we have to turn off soon.


Evan: No, Mommy, we can win!  Our car is better!  Go get Batman!  (I merge to the right and start to excite the freeway on an overpass.)  Yea!!  We won!  (Of course, now the Batman truck is in the distance underneath us.)  Look, we beat Batman!  There he is!  We win!



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8 Responses to “Underage Backseat Driver”

  1. C Says:

    that is cute, my kids love when I take the curves on our road fast(about 15mph instead of my normal 10, lol). You can hear them in the back saying ‘Whoa, weee, whoa’…Leave it to kids to make a car ride an adventure!

  2. Court Says:

    Don’t know if you have them where you are but here in Texas we our Walgreen’s stores have a new line of baby/toddler shirt and one of them says “Backseat Driver” and you can get in an itty bitty onesie!!

  3. polymerclaysnails Says:

    I wish I could drive … I can only imagine what kind of backseat driver my child would be …

    Great post!

  4. faemom Says:

    C- We have to drive down a huge hill to get to our house, and Evan always says it’s a great rollercoaster.

    Court: I’ll have to look! That sounds awesome!

    Polymerclaysnails: It’s amazing how much they think they know; I didn’t think I had to put up with this for a few more years at least.

  5. Erik Says:

    This post makes me want to be a toddler again. My mom said when I was little, whenever I saw a police car going by with its lights on, I would say “busted!” b/c I thought someone was getting pulled over.

  6. faemom Says:

    You must have been adorable.

  7. ck Says:

    At dinner the other night my daughter turned to my husband and said, “Mommy drove through a yellow light again. I told her that yellow means not to drive and that the police would get her, but she didn’t listen.” I’ve since chosen to ignore her at the dinner table too.

  8. faemom Says:

    And if you told her that we keep those things secret, she would have told too. Evan informs me red means go when you’re driving.

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