The Director

Sean is insistent.  He’s persistent.  He’s down right stubborn.  And he likes to be read to.


Sean will find a book that he wants read to him, and he then tottles over to his Mommy or Daddy with a sweet, “Peeease!”  Now if said person isn’t paying attention, Sean will take his/her hand and jam the book into it with a sweet but persistent, “Peeease!”


After the parent is finished reading the book, Sean opens the book, saying “Peeease!”  After the thirtieth reading, the parent tries to do something else, like watch TV or have an adult conversation, but Sean will take the parent’s hand again, jamming the book back into the hand with a very insistent “Peeease!” 


Now let’s just say that about the forty-third time, I’m not reading it with as much enthusiasm as the little director would like.  Sean will yank the book out of my hand and read it allowed to me.  “Mawaweey.  Kuamuama.  Twany.”  Then he will hand it back, expecting more feeling, and amazingly he’ll get it. 



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6 Responses to “The Director”

  1. outside voice Says:

    Sooooo cute. And at least he says please! Roo is in this phase where he goes, “Do X. Right NOW!” Egads.

  2. Court Says:

    My they start early don’t they?

  3. ck Says:

    I love that he’s talking now! I bet he’s going to take over as the star of your blog soon…

  4. Steph Says:

    My 6yo did all that AND grabbed my face to turn it in the direction she wanted.

    You might have your hands full with Sean. 😉

  5. Coco Says:

    It’s hard to resist those adorably imperious directions, isn’t it?

  6. faemom Says:

    OV ~ I’m not sure why he’s so polite; I’m assuming we move faster for it.
    Court ~ No kidding.
    ck ~ I noticed how few posts there are of Sean, but I believe you’re right. With his risk taking and stubborness, Sean will rock this blog
    Steph ~ And I almost called this blog the dictator; I think you have the winner of that title 🙂
    Coco ~ Surprisingly, yes. Who would have thought?

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