Kung Fu Panda Shirts

I just have to say: where the hell are the Kung Fu Panda shirts!  Who makes a kid movie and not make TONS of merchandise for it?!  I have TWO Wall*e shirts, and I could have bought more, and this was a movie about no consumerism.  But what about Kung Fu Panda, tailor made for every little boy?  I haven’t found one damn shirt, and THAT is all Evan wants to wear. 


I want a Kung Fu Panda shirt, Mommy.  Where’s my Kung Fu Panda shirt, Mommy?  I want to wear a Kung Fu Panda shirt, Mommy.  That’s NOT a Kung Fu Panda shirt, Mommy!


So listen up, Dreamworks execs.  We need Kung Fu Panda shirts stat!  And would it kill you to put a few more Kung Fu Panda toys on the market?  Really?

12 Responses to “Kung Fu Panda Shirts”

  1. ck Says:

    There are a ton on ebay, lady. I mean, they’re hideously ugly, but they’re there. I tried posting the links on here but they were super long.

  2. Ram Venkatararam Says:

    Thanks for your note. We Dreamworks executives monitor your blog closely but Russ, the guy who watches it, fell asleep on the job. He’s been fired.

    Obviously, we weren’t aware of the demand for Kung Fu Panda shirts or else we would have acted more quickly. Thanks for alerting us to your concerns. Be assured that we are all over your request.

    Now, the head of the studio is here now….so if you have any other concerns now would be a good time.

    Thanks for the post…

  3. KathyB! Says:


    Kung Fu Panda… Kung Fu Panda… Kung Fu Panda 🙂

  4. ink Says:

    Oh, now I’m feeling kind of bad that we have a Kung-Fu shirt…I think we found it at Ross.

  5. faemom Says:

    ck~I’ve noticed. It’s the ONLY place to get them. So where were they selling them before when I and the enlisted three other people were searching for them when the movie came out? And I . . . I am very leery of ebay for some reason.

    Ram~ If only I had your wit, I could reply with a better comment. Unfortunately all I can do is reply: Thank you, Dreamworks execs. You’ve been dropping the ball lately with Shrek merchandise as well as Kung Fu Panda. I hope this issue is fixed before Monster vs Aliens because my son is already in love with B.O.B.

    KathyB!~ You’re so cute.

    Ink~ See! Just like ebay! Where were these shirts before?! I don’t have the time to scour the nation!

    As a post script, I like to say that after much thinking and debating, I realized that I’m a creative soul and it shouldn’t be too hard to make a Kung Fu Panda shirt or two with iron on transfers, right? How illegal is that?

  6. ink Says:

    There you go! And if you email me the sizes you need, I’ll keep an eye out at Ross…how’s that? 🙂

  7. ink Says:

    Oh, and I agree with you about the toys! Haven’t really seen them anywere!

  8. faemom Says:

    Ha, Ink, you rock!

  9. Gibby Says:

    You are so right about the shirts! I searched for them all last summer and came up empty. All I ever found was a teeny tiny backpack with Po on it in the dollar spot section of Target. That was about it! This past V-day my daughter got a Kung Fu Panda valentine (which I never saw in the stores) with a Tigress tattoo enclosed. It was better than any box of candy anyone could have given her.

  10. faemom Says:

    We need to talk. I found a box back in January that I bought, and my dad found a box and bought that. I’ll send you some cards and tattoos. I found really cute backpacks at the dollar store for Kung Fu Panda. I’m just so surprised at the lack of merchandizing.

  11. Thank you, Kat « Faemom Says:

    […] I’ve waited too long to tell this story and to show my true gratitude.  Remember my little rant about Kung Fu Panda shirts.  Well, some one was listening and decided to answer […]

  12. BoulderDash11 Says:

    Well I tried Superstore and Zellers. But E-bay isnt bad because if you bought a Master-Card or something like that they can’t hack it!

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