We have moved to a gated community with a gate code that my husband had to call several, several, several times to get a code that actually worked, unlike the other dozen.  It took him a couple hours of calling, begging, ranting as my mom and I drove across the desert with the boys.  But now we have a working gate code, which totally

helps to enter the neighborhood, except Evan doesn’t fully understand.


Evan: Mommy!  Tinkerbell opened the gates for us again!  Thank you, Tinkerbell!  Look, Mommy!  She’s flying next to us!  Can she come home with us?


Me: If she wants to.

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9 Responses to “Tinkerbell”

  1. ck Says:

    This wouldn’t be the talking-vag tinkerbell from our house, would it? I sent it to you guys as a house warming present, but I didn’t think it would reach your new place so soon.


  2. KathyB! Says:

    oh ck! I can’t follow a comment like that….

    Glad you’re back Faemom!!

  3. pinnythewu Says:

    yay for tinkerbell!

  4. breedermama Says:

    How cute is he? I wish tinkerbell would come and open doors for me.

  5. Evenshine Says:

    Despise. Gate. Codes. We, too, live in a gated community and the gates are always flippin out on us.

    Hope you get settled soon, Tinkerbell and all.

  6. Gibby Says:

    Maybe good old Tinkerbell can do your unpacking with that magic wand of hers…

  7. faemom Says:

    You guys make me feel so special! And I’m trying to catch-up with all your posts, so have some patience when I read something incrediabley old. 😀
    ck~ I’m a little worried about how much the boys woould enjoy that, talking vag and all. Ok, maybe I’m not as worried as their father would be.
    KathyB!~See, she’s so damn clever! Thanks 🙂
    Pinny~ no kidding!
    Breeder~ I’ll let her know. Maybe she or one of her friends could come help you out.
    Evenshine~ I can’t agree with you more. At the last gated community we lived in, the gates would freak out. I always spelled F-U-*-* when I pushed in the buttons; it seemed to help.
    Gibby~ THAT would be awesome or magically give me shelves in the garage.

  8. Ink Says:

    Yay, you’re back! We missed you.

    My friend’s daughter would be SO jealous to hear that Tinkerbell is there with you…

  9. faemom Says:

    Tinkerbell joined us for a breakfast of pancakes and grapes along with Master Viper, Master Monkey, Skeleton Turtle (from Mario Go-Kart) and of course Gooey. I have a packed house.

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