St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids and Toddlers

It’s St. Patrick’s Day!  Or soon it will be.  As a Catholic and Irish (ok, I’m an American mutt, but I DO have Irish in me too) girl, St. Patrick’s Day holds a special place in my heart.  It has more to do with celebrating my Irish roots than anything else.  So here are a few things I did with the boys.  Depending on the age and ability of the child, the more the child can do of the activity.




Heart Shamrocks

(Remember all those hearts I made you cut out for Valentine’s day?  The boys enjoyed this.  I used a glue stick, so that Sean {22 mos.} could glue.  I think it turned out rather cute.)


Things you need

§      Green construction paper

§      Heart shaped cookie cutter

§      Scissors

§      Pen

§      White paper (or any color you prefer)

§      Glue


Using the cookie cutter and pen, trace three hearts on the green construction paper.  Cut out the hearts as well as a strip of paper for the stem.  Have the child glue the hearts with the points together on the other sheet of paper, creating a shamrock.  Glue the stem where the points meet.



Stamped Heart Shamrocks

(It was easier to get Evan to stamp the hearts.  Sean preferred to smear the paint around.  At least it was green.  The boys had a lot of fun with this.  Anything with a mess.)


Things you need:

§      Smock

§      Paper

§      Potato

§      Knife

§      Green paint

§      Paper plate or pie tin

§      Paint brush


Take the potato and cut it in half width ways.  Carve out a raise heart.  (Yes, it’s easier said than done.)  Place the smock on the child.  Pour some green paint in a plate.  Have the child stamp the hearts points together creating a shamrock.  Using the paint brush, the child can paint a stem.



Green Carnations

(Oscar Wilde believed green carnations were the perfect flower because they were so artificial.  While Wilde was not Irish, green carnations are found everywhere on St. Patrick’s Day.  Evan and Sean loved helping, though Sean didn’t want to leave the flowers alone.  This can be potentially messy.  This is also a great way to explain how flowers get water.)


Things you need:

§      White carnations

§      Vase

§      Green food coloring

§      Water


Cut the stems on the carnations at an angle.  It’s best to do it at the nub.  Remove all stems that may be under the water.  Fill the vase with water.  Have the child add a couple of drops of food coloring.  The darker the water, the darker the color of the flower.  Have the child place the flowers into the water.  After three to four days, the carnations will have turned green.  The longer you have the flowers in the water, the more color the flower will have.



Coffee Filter Shamrocks

(If you’ve read my crafts, you know I’m big on coffee filter crafts.  This was easy, fun, and messy, just the way my boys like it.)


Things you need:

§      Shamrock cookie cutter or template

§      Coffee filters

§      Scissors

§      Pen

§      Markers (green or blue and yellow)

§      Smock

§      Water

§      Paint brush

§      Bowl


Flatten out the coffee filters, using a book or something heavy.  Trace the cookie cutter or template onto the filter.  Cut out the shamrock.  Place the smock on the child.  Let the child color it with green markers or with blue and yellow to come out with green later.  Have the child paint the shamrock with water.  Allow the shamrock to dry.



Spiral Snake

(One of the most popular story of St. Patrick is how he charmed the snakes out of Ireland.  The truth is there have never been snakes in Ireland, and that snakes represent the Druids, and given the track record of my church, I have a feeling that he drove them out violently.  But Evan wanted to make a snake, and it’s a cute story, when you don’t know the truth.  The boys had fun decorating their snakes, and then they had fun running around with the snakes trailing them.  The fatter your spiral, the smaller the snake.  Don’t make too long of a snake or it’ll break.  I got it here:

Things you need:

§       Construction paper (whatever color you want your snake)

§       black marker

§       crayons or markers

§       scissors

§       string

§       tape

Draw a spiral with the black marker on the paper.  Make sure the beginning of the spiral is large as this will be the snake’s head.  I had my children color first, but older children can color the snake after it is cut.  If your child is proficient with scissors, have the child cut along the spiral.  Tape a piece of string under the snakes head.


If you’re wondering why all the shamrocks around St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll tell you.  Yes, there are a lot of shamrocks on Ireland.  But it is said that to explain the three-Gods-in-one concept, St. Patrick picked a shamrock, held it to the crowd, and pointed out how there where three leaves but one shamrock, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Please let me know how you liked the crafts.



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6 Responses to “St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids and Toddlers”

  1. ck Says:

    I was just trying to think of something to keep my girls busy today so they’d resist the urge to whine, complain, or talk to me. Scissors, coffee filters and food coloring ought to do the trick!

  2. KathyB! Says:

    The coffee filter shamrocks sound adorable!!
    On the other hand, I refuse to do any sort of craft that pays homage to snakes in any way, shape, or form. I think you should remove that offensive craft project immediately before I report you to the authorities.
    : )

  3. faemom Says:

    ck~ I’m happy to help!
    KathyB!~ I completely understand your position on the subject as I too do not like snakes of any kind. But alas I have been blessed with boys and there are so many non-boyish crafts I can do with them.

  4. tlc Says:

    Thanks for the ideas! My three yr old loves crafts. I usually go on an online search for ideas whenever we need some new “creative inspiration.” You just saved me some research time 🙂 He’s gonna love making shamrocks! (I’m not ambitious enough to carve the potato though….kudos to you for that one!)

  5. gemma Says:

    hi i working in a creche and trying to think of something to do with one to two year old is bugging me as we have so many children anything that is simple with easy materails let me know thanks.

    and kathy i think its silly you getting offensive over a snake whats so very wrong about that, to report to authorites

  6. faemom Says:

    Forgive, Kathy. She has had some rough times with snakes when she made that comment. I prefer paper snakes to real ones myself.

    As for crafts for one to two year olds. Check out my craft page on this blog. Many of those crafts I did when my youngest was a little older than one. But some favorties are: making egg carton bugs (you can use paint, markers or crayons), coloring with markers on paper towels, spreading frosting on graham crackers, and painting rocks. While I don’t have any, one of the toddler art classes we attended had large, simple stencils that the toddlers loved using. Good luck. I know it’s hard to find something for little ones to do.

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