Is that Lightening?: More bad luck than I can handle

We’ve had quite the run of bad luck lately.  And I mean to stop it.


It began the weekend of the move, when my husband disconnected the cable on accident.  When the picture came up the large, old TV just wasn’t the same.  It held a blue tint that blurred away when you stopped paying attention.


The next part was my fault as I refused to take the small garage fridge instead of my beloved kitchen fridge that I argued for thirty minutes to get over the stainless.  (Stupid stainless with their no magnets.)  Finally my husband gave up and searched Craig’s List for a nice used fridge.  What luck!  He found a deal of a fridge, washer, and dryer all for 900 bucks.  Watch carefully.


Next my husband was determined to get the best deal possible on a new screen TV for the new house in Arizona.  No amount of persuasion could convince him to wait until Arizona, so he found on Craig’s List a company that was selling TV’s 60 bucks cheaper than Costco’s sale.  Are you still watching?


The move went as well as it could except that the owner completely underestimated the amount of stuff we own, and my dad had to go buy more boxes several times.


Then on the way to Arizona, Evan got car sick.  The kid never gets motion sickness.  But at least he gave us enough warning for my mom to shout that she had a zip lock bag full of goodies I could empty out.  Any one remembers The Exorcist?  At least I caught most of it, and we were luckily near a rest stop.  But I had to deal with it as my mom can’t.


Meanwhile, it seems that the gas dryer we bought wouldn’t work because the house had an electric outlet that our realtor couldn’t remember to tell us.


The fridge was too big to fit into the kitchen, so the men lifted it over the opening over the counter.  (“opening” as in it should have been a breakfast bar if it wasn’t wasted space.)  The fridge was upside down for five minutes, and after an hour, my dad plugged it in, only to have the fridge start burning Freon ten minutes later.


The TV turned out to have a shadow on it that really isn’t a big deal, unless you’re my husband, who just can’t stop staring it.  We have named the shadow “60 bucks.”


After 24 hours of settling the Freon, the fridge STILL didn’t work, after it had been running 12 hours.  My husband called an appliance guy who said wait 48 hours.  Freon takes a while to settle down.


We found another dryer on Craig’s List, electric this time, and we shelled out another 200 bucks for it and placed an ad for the gas dryer for $200.  We got the dryer home to find that the plug didn’t match.  It had been a week since I did laundry, and the boys needed socks.  Wear the dirty ones; no one will notice.


After 48 hours, the fridge still DID NOT WORK.  We shelled out the money to have the appliance guy pronounce it DOA.  While I swear I checked the fridge out at the guy’s house, the appliance repairman insisted it never worked as it was missing electrical appliances.  F-ing awesome.  Luckily, the repair man worked for a company that fixes fridges to resell, which included a warranty.  Done.


My dad put on a new plug on the dryer, so I went to do laundry.  The water refused to flow into the machine.  I hate that guy who sold as the fridge, washer, and dryer; I want his head.


We got a new fridge, which is smaller, a little older, and radiates a loud hum, but I don’t care because it works.  It turned out the water wasn’t on to the washer.  Hey, it works fine now.  Someone bought the other dryer for $150, but beggars can’t be choosers.  My dad told me my luck had turned around.


Remember that weird color on the old TV in California?  Well, that was the TV, not the cable, so now we have to buy a new one.  My husband wanted to buy it on Craig’s List. Just please bring your on DVD player and DVD to check it.


Then I noticed a weird dent in the garage door.  It was odd because it looked like someone had backed into a closed garage door from the inside.  What idiot would do that?  The next day I found out as I backed into the garage door that hadn’t retracted all the way up.  Now it wouldn’t go down.  My dad came over and helped me close it.  After three days of calling and calling and calling the rental place, my dad decided HE would fix it, and he did.  “Your luck is changing, Fae.  Cheer up!”


Until two days later when the heater didn’t come on, and I was forced to get my husband out of bed and into a hot shower to make it to church not on time.  Um, Dad?  He rushed over to fix it so his grandsons didn’t freeze.  Two days later he came over again with a different fix as well as the day after and the day after that.  The door to the heater was loose, which activated the emergency shut off, which we had to find a way around.  As of today, my dad fixed it for good.  Don’t even say it, Dad.


I feel like tempting fate and asking what will happen n-.  But that’s silly.  I’m very superstitious.  I’m a Catholic, Irish girl.  The cards were stacked against me there.  Just add some Romani, and I really would be fearful.  So I’m determined to change my own luck because I’m hoping God is working on that cure of cancer I’ve been praying about.  I’m buying a lucky bamboo.  I’ve hung my crosses.  I plan on getting holy water to douse the house.  I’m in search of a horse shoe.  It’s the full moon tonight, which is perfect to leave something out for the brownies.  Don’t even make me pull out the big guns and ask my Grandma because I will.  My luck will change!


Knock on wood.



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11 Responses to “Is that Lightening?: More bad luck than I can handle”

  1. C Says:

    ROFL-I am sorry to laugh, but that sux so bad it is funny. I feel bad for you really I do. Be grateful that your dad is there otherwise then what?

    and calling the shadow ’60 bucks’ made me shoot a little of my drink out of my nose, hilarious! Cheer up, at least you made me laugh 😉

  2. ck Says:

    Dear Faedad,

    Please stop using Craigslist. You’re upsetting my friend and I fear that she might implode.

    I’m sure you know this already, but all of the savings in the world can’t fix what happens to a man when his wife implodes.


  3. polymerclaysnails Says:

    Now THAT’s a streak of bad luck! I thought I had it bad cause I just couldn’t get to bed before 5am this whole week …

    *waving arms in the air* – There! no more bad luck for you 🙂

  4. KathyB! Says:

    YIKES! I’m afraid to even post on here for fear that the brownies might come for me next. I love that you can look back and (kinda, sorta) see that it’s actually HILARIOUS.

    And CK’s right. It might be time to step away from Craigslist for a bit : )

  5. Gibby Says:


    And can I just say how awesome you are? With all this nasty luck going on, with the packing, the move, the unpacking, the dirty laundry, you still somehow found time to send my girls those Kung Fu Panda tattoos (which they LOVED).


    Thank you, Thank you!
    And I hope your luck turns around soon. St. Patty’s Day is coming up, perhaps a little green beer will do the trick…

  6. The Violinist Says:

    you know, i think our husbands would get along nicely.

  7. Ink Says:

    Awwwww, geez! Universe, time to spin Fae’s wheel to the great luck side of things, please!!! (((Fae)))

  8. wild4words Says:

    I’m afraid to comment too… I don’t know where a horseshoe is and my household just can’t take another round of bad luck, but I completely sympathized… Is it ok if I admit I couldn’t help but smile about your recounting of it all?

    And I agree – the naming of the shadow made me snort.

  9. faemom Says:

    C~ It is not in vain if I make you (or anyone) laugh. My dad is pretty pleased with himself right now and knew I was lying when I called to tell him the heater was broke. I have to get up pretty early in the morning to pull one over my dad.
    ck~ Thanks. I just wonder if he’ll read that.
    poly~Couldn’t get out of bed before 5 am? That’s your bad luck? I find it bad luck TO get out of bed before SIX? You have to be one of THOSE morning people,
    KthyB!~ Brownies are picky little folk. If your house it too clean, they hide things. If your house is too messy, they hide things. IT’s best to leave them something homemade on the fullmoon. Of course, this is the first time that the plate was empty in the morning.
    Gibby~ I know. My dad is cool. I’m so glad you got them. I was wondering with the mail and all and how someone packed the envolope in a box before I could mail it out. You’re very welcome.
    Violinist~ I think so too.
    Ink~ Thnaks. Spin, baby, spin. Should I clap like they do on Wheel of Fortune? (Please note: I only watch it now because my parents are getting old and it’s on their tv.)

  10. faemom Says:

    W4W~ You may even laugh out loud. Nothing is funnier than someone else’s misery. I’ll let you know if I find something to keep bad luck out.

  11. RaiulBaztepo Says:

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