Mama Mia, here we go again. My, my how can I resist you

Evan: Mommy!  I want you to teach me to be a star!  (Perhaps I’ve let him watch too much Mario Galaxy when Wally, Grandma and I have played, but I admit it’s cute.)  The star of the dance movie!  (Dance movie?  Wha-) The dance movie Mama Mia! You should bring it home for me to watch on TV!


Between the love of faeries and the witch custom, let’s keep this between us as your father will not understand.  Besides when did you hear about Mama Mia?



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6 Responses to “Mama Mia, here we go again. My, my how can I resist you”

  1. KathyB! Says:

    Oh, that’s precious 🙂

    Daddy will be thrilled!

  2. ck Says:

    Don’t feel bad. My daughter likes to watch “Mommy’s Singing Show.” (American Idol…)

  3. faemom Says:

    KathyB!~ I can’t wait to spring it on Daddy one day!
    ck~LOL Does she sing too?

  4. sunnymom Says:

    My daughter loves Top Model and swears she will be on the show someday. In the mean time she struts through the livingroom while the show is on so i can see her best catwalk and poses. It is hilarious\!!!!

  5. Gibby Says:

    ROFL, that is awesome. And hey, music is music, right? Chuckles LOVES Mamma Mia and when she got the choice to buy Horton Hears a Who or Mamma, she picked Mamma. Have you had to explain to Evan why Sophie doesn’t know who her dad is? Not fun.

  6. faemom Says:

    sunny~ I hope you have recorded it.
    Gibby~Poor Gibby. Perhaps KathyB! can give you some pointers on the birds and the bees talk.

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