When you’re sick . . .

When you are sick, you may not disregard the rules.

        They are there to keep you from getting hurt, keep your mother’s sanity, which is basically the same thing.



When you are sick, you may not take the toy your brother is playing with.

        I know you think you get everything you want when your sick, like cartoons on all day and juice for meals, but you can’t take away toys.  You’re not a bully.



When you are sick and you’re playing with several cars or dragons or dinosaurs, you are still required to share.

        It goes back to you can’t have everything you want because you’re sick.  I’m not raising spoiled brats.



When you are sick, you are not allowed more tantrums.

        I understand you’re not feeling well, but you can cry it off in your room because you didn’t get your way again.



When you are sick, you do not have permission to drown your brother.

        You’re grumpy.  He’s grumpy.  I forced you into a bath to cool down the temperature.  I added bubbles.  Enough bubbles for everyone.  Stick on your side.



When you are sick, you are still not allowed to put soap in your brother’s eye.

        You know very well bubbles are soap.  Just don’t do it.



When you are sick, dessert is not a meal.

        Yes, I give you popsicles whenever you ask because you refused to eat anything, but cookies are not dinner.



When you are sick, it does not mean that you get a diaper whenever you feel like it.

        Guess what.  You’re potty trained (mostly).  You still have to use the potty when you need to pee.  Those are the rules; there is no going back.



Because you are regaining your strength, it does not mean you get to pick fights.

        I get it.  You’re bored.  You’re energetic.  Somewhat.  But we don’t fight.  We don’t hit.  We don’t push.  For the love of God, we don’t throw Spiderman toys.



Because you are regaining your strength, it does not allow for all out sword fights.

        Of any kind.  No plastic swords, no foam swords, no light sabers, and defiantly no wooden swords.  Watch the movie.  Don’t attack your brother.



Because you’re regaining your strength, it does not mean you can skip naptime.

        Even when you are extraordinarily healthy, I don’t let you skip naptime, so what makes you think today will be different?



Oh, right.  The eight fights.  The seven temper tantrums.  Before nap time.  After one of the brothers slept in.   I need some chocolate.

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10 Responses to “When you’re sick . . .”

  1. sunnymom Says:

    Watch I will send the chocolate that is in my freezer for emergencies just like this for you. I only have one but she tries the same thing to bend all of the rules when she is sick. I feel for you cuz I just went thru a weekend like that recently

  2. ck Says:

    “When you are sick, you do not have permission to drown your brother…”

    Awww, Mom!

    PS: I don’t know how many times I’ve said “stick to your side,” but it’s closing in on at least 100.

  3. dad Says:

    hilarious! hey, you’re pretty funny, we should go out some time.

  4. Ink Says:

    I will send you our emergency chocolate, stat!

  5. Gibby Says:

    Seriously, why when kids are sick do they think they can do whatever they want? And I am talking about 34-year-old kids who pose as Hubbys? Kidding. Not really.

    Try some Cadbury Mini-Eggs. I just ate an entire bag today. (hosted Brownie meeting at our house…)

  6. tlc Says:

    Sounds like some choco-therapy is in order. Sick -but not so sick you feel sorry for them anymore- kids are the worst! Hope all goes back to “normal” soon!

  7. alwaysadorable Says:

    I completely hear you on this! Sending my best chocolate vibes your way!

  8. faemom Says:

    sunny~ Thank you. I guess I should stock up on emergency chocolate now that I’ve moved away from our chocolate thief. And dear, a WHOLE weekend. That just sucks.
    ck~ It’ll get worse. We drove my parents insane when we were in the car. She’s touching me. He’s touching me. He’s not on his side. He’s legs are open to wide. Her hair is on me. And we did THAT until I was about 20 and my parents refused to drive us anywhere together.
    Dad~ If you’re going to hit on me, I think it would be best if you changed your screen name as this probably looks wierd to others. And you could always asks with flowers 🙂
    Ink~ Thank you!
    Gibby~ All men think they’re dying when they’re sick. I shall try some. And how many Brownies were attending that would cause a whole bag of Cadbury Mini-eggs to disappear?
    tlc~ The second day is always easier than the first, and the third day is much better than the second. I know I have some chocolate somewhere . . .
    always~Thanks so much. Everything helps.

  9. KathyB! Says:

    I missed a post! Well, you’ve got the chocolate covered, thanks to Ink… I know for a fact Gibby is hoarding some Cabernet, and I’m sure she’s already got it in the mail to you… what can I do? A movie??!

  10. faemom Says:

    KathyB!~ You’re awesome. We can all thank my baby brother, my hero, for coming over last night after the boys’ bedtime with a movie and an oreo blizzard.

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