Dada? No, Mama.

Sean: Dada.  Dada.  Dada!  Dada!


Me: Oh, baby.  Dada isn’t here right now.  But Mama is!


Sean: (Grabs my hand to lead me to what he wants) Dada.


Me: No, Mama.  I’m Mama.


Sean: Dada?


Me: Mmmaaaaammmaa.


Sean: Dada!


Ok.  Listen, kid.  You’re adorable.  If your father was here, this would melt his heart.  Heck, it’s even pulling on my heart strings.  But I WILL NOT ANSWER TO DADA.  I can’t.  I can try, but it won’t work.  You see, it’s like this.  I carried you for nine, almost ten, months.  You were heavy.  I had horrible morning sickness and acid reflux.  You grew until I had no room in me.  Then after you were born, I was the one who fed you, changed you, rocked you, sang to you, read to you, bathed you.  Not dada, mama.  You ate tons.  I sacrificed hours to feed you.  When you were sick, that was me taking care of you.  Who held you and cooed to you as you got stitches?  Mama, not dada.  Who held you when you got shots?  Mama, not dada.  Who cooks you your favorite meals?  Mama, not dada.  Who buys all the gifts, wakes up with you early in the morning, repeatedly reties the shoes your dada picked out?  Mama.  It’s not like we even look the same.  I’m taller, thinner, and have a better pair of breasts.


Sean: Dada.


Me: Mama.


Sean: Dada.


Me: Mama.


Sean: Dada.


Me: Mama.


Sean: Dada.


Me: Mama.


Sean: Dada.


Me: Mama.


Sean: Mama!


Me: (hugging him tight) Good job!  Now let’s get you a cookie.



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11 Responses to “Dada? No, Mama.”

  1. Country-Fried Mama Says:

    We are starting to hear “dadadadada” when Belly is excited and happy. “Mamamamamama” is reserved for deep misery induced by sleep deprivation or hunger. Fabulous.

  2. KathyB! Says:

    So sweet! That right there is a lesson in perseverance, faemom. Nicely played 🙂

  3. Evenshine Says:

    HA! That’ll teach Dada. We’re still on the dadadada phase, so I totally understand. Nice tenacity.

  4. Gibby Says:

    So cute! And see, your patience was rewarded.

    My girls were the same way. Actually, they still are, as Daddy coming home is the best part of their day. Forget the fact that they got to spend hours with me.

  5. Ink Says:

    Wow, I’m impressed! You did it!

    Monkey called us BOTH Dada forever…

  6. faemom Says:

    CFM~ We had a phase like that, which is why I was so surprised he was going back to that.
    KathyB!~ IF I’ve learned nothing else, I’ve learned I have great skill to persevere.
    Evenshine~ 🙂 Here’s hoping you have a quick end to the Dada phase.
    Gibby~ Oh, I know. No love for the weary mommy.
    Ink~ I guess I should mention it spanded several hours, but I just refused to give in.

  7. tlc Says:

    Hahaha! I love it. My first son said Dada forever and I had the exact same thoughts…it was ME, not dada dodging projectile poop and sacrificing months of sleep. His first word was “dada,” and even at 3 yrs old, he’s still all about daddy.

    I’m so enjoying my second babbling “mama” all day!

  8. ymK Says:

    You make all us moms proud. Way to go, you did not give up!
    And yes they do need to be reminded of all we do, don’t they?

  9. faemom Says:

    tlc~ Isn’t it so frustrating when their first word is “dada”? Like you’re not around all the time, like you’re not as cool.
    ymK~ Yes. I fear we have to KEEP reminding them, especially in those teen years. Or so I hear.

  10. pinnythewu Says:

    I’m dada in my house too.

  11. faemom Says:

    My condolences 🙂

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