Journal Meme

I’m only doing this so that Ink will publish a journal entry.


 1. When did you begin keeping a journal/diary?  I dabbled in high school on loose leaf paper when I needed to get all those confusing emotions out.  Several of my good friends gave me journals when I graduated high school.  I finally cracked one open to use it mid way through my freshman year in college. 

2. Do you journal regularly or sporadically?  I used to regularly write throughout college.  Now it’s sporadic when I need some sort of catharsis.  Nothing is better to keep secrets or pain locked away.

3. Which, if any, of the following things do you use your journal for?: recording dreams, creative writing, arguing with particular individuals (your boss, your parents, your lover, etc.), listing books/movies, tracking your weight/diet/exercise, composing unsent/unsendable letters.  It used to be a chronicle of my life.  Now it’s more when I need to say something, to pour out the negative feelings and worries, so that I can keep being an up-beat parent.  I tried to record dreams, but I’ve always been one of those up and running kind of people.

4. What other purpose(s) do you use your journal for?  Isn’t this like question number 3?  It’s the place were I put all my raw emotions to be trapped in dead paper.  A place where I can sound out what I need to listen for.

5. What kind of material text do you use for a journal? (For example: leather bound hard-cover, cheap spiral notebook, etc.)  I hunt down ones with fairies on it.  Surprise.  Surprise.  I almost always write in black ink.  There used to be these great black ink pens I used to use, but they are no longer on the market.  My brother bought me a couple of journals and pens for my last birthday.

6. Where do you keep your old journals?  Um, I call it my soul box because it has all kinds of important, soul-telling items in it.  I collaged it with all kinds of cool sayings on the outside.

7. How often, if ever, have you read through your old journals?   I used to go through them once a year to better connect with myself.  But I haven’t done that for years. 

8. Have you ever allowed anyone else to read your journals?  No.  Actually I’ve made my best friend promise to burn them if she outlives me.  I just sound so  . . . childish.  And it’s a written record of plain stupidity in a lot of places.  I totally don’t want my kids to know what kind of trouble their mama was into. 

9. How has your journal keeping changed since you began blogging?  Because I devote so much time to the blog, I tend not to journal as much as I did.  Besides it’s nice to call up your best friend and bitch.

10. Upload a picture of your journals (or as many as you can).  Hahahahaha.  We all know how I don’t do pictures.  Stupid Vista hates my scanning program.

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  1. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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