What do you want to be today?

What do you want to be today?

A pirate?  A blue knight?  A green night?  Kung Fu Panda? Tai Lung? Batman? A Striposaurus? A chameleon? A silver angel?  What?

Evan is finally interested in choosing his outfit for the day.  I’ve heard that girls start this ritual sooner than boys, which I tend to believe because up to a month ago, Evan only wanted to be naked.  Now he gets upset when I try to pick something out or help him get dress.  Except today, but that is another story about getting attention. 

To pick his outfits, Evan decides what he wants to be for the day.  Striposauruses wear strips; while the chameleon wears strips occasionally, but the shirt must be green too.  As Po, Evan wears his “Legend in the Making” shirt, and when he is a fierce snow leopard, Evan MUST wear camouflage pants.  The only pirate shirt we have has a skull and cross bones on it, but it’s not the main pattern of the shirt as in no one would guess he was a pirate.  That goes for Batman, which is either all blue or the one black shirt that has “NoTW,” which just screams vigilantism (maybe it does, I hardly let him wear it as I’m not to keen on the philosophy).  Don’t forget the silver angel, which is quite new.  That is a grey shirt, usually the Mickey Mouse one, and grey pants, which usually are the Mickey Mouse ones.  Of course, there are the robots shirts when he wants to be one of those.  Only when he’s a chameleon will he choose to be the same thing twice in a row.

The other day as I was trying to persuade my son that he can’t go naked like a lion, I started pulling out shirts.

Me: How about this one?

Evan: No, Mommy, I want to be an iris!

Me: What?

Evan: I want to be an iris!

Me: Umm, ok, mmmm.  What color iris do you want to be?  Blue?  Red?  Purple?  (Why did I say purple?  He’s going to want purple now, and we don’t own a purple shirt.)

Evan: Green!  I want to be a green iris!

Me: (I start looking for all our green shirts) Wait.  You mean Irisssshhhh.  You want to wear your green Irish shirt.

Evan: Yes, I want to be a green iris!

Then there are the shoes.  He has black tennis shoes, but those take a back seat to the blue cat-fish shoes that go with the Batman, the blue knight, the green knight, and the pirate outfits.

But then there are the days Evan’s shirts are too boooooring.  Then he decides to wear a button up Hawaiian shirt.  Then he’s better dressed than his mama, and I wonder if my brother’s metrosexual gene was coming out in Evan.

So Evan chooses outfits on what he wants to be for the day, and I’m cool with that.  I actually think we all do the same.  It’s really a fun way to dress.  Will I be the mean mommy?  Will I be the fun mommy?  Will I pretend I’m no one’s mommy?

I’ve started to give Sean a choice between two shirts, and while he is not as advanced as Evan is in his selection, Sean tends to pick things he can say.  He’s shirts are blue and/or have balls or cars on them.  It’s simple and effective.

There’s just one problem with their dressing.  Something that just gets under my skin.    It drives me nuts.  They coordinate!  No matter how hard I try to get them to look different an individual, they both end up wearing similar colors or similar patterns.  It does not help that some people think dressing my boys in the same clothes would be just adorable.  Please.  I want to different boys, not carbon copies.  Mainly because the world is not ready for two Evans, or two Seans, come to think of it.


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7 Responses to “What do you want to be today?”

  1. KathyB! Says:

    What do I want to be today?! I want to be the lone survivor marooned a sunny Pacific islad full of bananas and coconuts who gets rescued in three days.

  2. tlc Says:

    Of course they coordinate, most all the little boy clothes look alike.

    I love that he wanted to be a green Iris/Irish!

  3. ck Says:

    Hmmm…I think I’ll go with “Pretending-I’m-No one’s-Mommy” look today. Is it bad to have those thoughts at 6:42 am when the house is still quiet and everyone’s still sleeping?

  4. evenshine Says:

    I yearn for the days when I had something to say about my daughter’s wardrobe, when I could stick her in a tutu and tights and we were good to go. This morning it was leopard print with yellow and blue and striped tights. You got it good!

  5. faemom Says:

    KathyB!~ Excellent idea! Now, what do you have to coordinate?
    tlc~ True. True. But it weird to see them both wearing blue or grey or red or. No matter how hard I try they seem to match!
    ck~ I think that means you need a break. If only we could just all run away for a week somewhere tropical . . . KathyB, would you mind some company on that island?
    even~ Well, Evan does possess some sort of matching gene that I don’t have, but he has his moments like camouflage shorts with blue and green striped polo shorts with his blue cat/fish boots. Awesome. Are you taking pictures?

  6. Zeemaid Says:

    “who do you want to be today” That’s so neat. What a great imagination and I’m frankly amazed that your son puts that much thought into it. O’s not quite 2 yet and he does tend to bring me his one shirt with sports balls all over it but other than that.. if it helps him get outside, he’ll wear it. *L*

  7. faemom Says:

    O’ll get there. Sean brought over one of those jacket vests with balls all over it the other day, once he was dressed. It’s funny to watch them become assertive.

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