Give me a blog roll, please


Holey Cheese!  It’s been a week of Bad Mommy Moments and just waiting for Naptime Writing, going to Inkatopia because I’m Wild for Words, reading my Red Clay Diaries.  But I’m realizing that I’m not Lost in Suburban Bliss and The World According to Me is not real.  It’s according to Evan or Sean.  No, sir, I’m Not Drowning, Mothering is what I call it.  This is Parenting by Dummies.  Oh, EvenshineI’m In The Mommy Trenches, trying to be another Incognito Mom in The Momoplex, but I cry over Spilled Milk and burn my Polymer Clay Snails.  Country-Fried Mama f-.  Maybe I should start Praying to Darwin because I’m a Mediocre Perfectionist, though do I not live in Single Mom World.  Thank Darwin for that.  Then again I hear that Kaiya’s Laughter Heals, so maybe I should start praying to Kaiya.  Commonterri! I really need to get back to A Mother’s Walk.  *!




This is a continual work in progress.  Because I can’t think of where I can put some of my favorites.  Looking at you, The Fem Spot.

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23 Responses to “Give me a blog roll, please”

  1. KathyB! Says:

    Faemom, you always crack me up! And it is not the world according Sean and/or Evan. It is always the world according to ME 🙂

  2. C Says:

    That was witty! And very cute, thanks for the linky love:D

  3. Gibby Says:

    This. Is. AWESOME!!!! You are so funny. And creative! I lost it at Country Fried Mama f-

  4. tlc Says:

    Love it, Love it, Love it! How creative!

    Thanks for the mention!! 🙂

  5. tlc Says:

    Oh, and clever title for the post too!

  6. D Says:

    Very clever indeed.

  7. ymK Says:

    This is so awesome. Very creative indeed! I’ll go check out the ones I’m already not addicted to.

  8. insider53 Says:

    Scene: Roaring Crowd of People: applause and more applause…enter Faemom bowing and accepting accolades {end scene. Very creative and a darn good use of words.

  9. pinnythewu Says:

    Very clever!

  10. Not Drowning Mother Says:

    *! indeed.

    Love your work, faemom.

  11. femspotter Says:

    Clever as usual, Fae!

    Thanks for trying anyway! 😉 I mean the title as a place where women can go and chat about women or “fem” topics, but somehow it always sounds sexual. Maybe you could include it by saying you found the fem spot in the bathtub last night…or something mock sexual like that. He he he…

  12. Ink Says:

    You’re awesome, Fae!

  13. faemom Says:

    KathyB!~ You’re hilarious. I know. I know.
    C~ My pleasure!
    Gibby~ I aim to please.
    tlc~ You’re welcome. I think I might make this the official blog roll and keep adding.
    D~ Thank you.
    ymK~ I hope you enjoy the new ones. I keep finding more and more great blogs.
    insider53~ Thank you. *bow*
    pinny~ Thanks.
    NDM~ I strive to match my blog roll.
    fem~ OMG I kept trying to add it and kept thinking it sounded WAY TOO sexual. That or it sounds like a lesbian bar. 😀 I didn’t want to make fun of it and upset you, but now that I know how you feel . . . . 😉
    Ink~ Thanks

  14. wild4words Says:

    Made me laugh and gather a big, big smile on my face and now I have, in one lovely gathering, a place to check out all the interesting blogs that I’ve been wondering about.

    It’s Spring Cleaning time on my blog roll and here you go and post something to help me! Thanks!!

    (and thanks for the link too – still wild 4 words, even tho’ I love numbers now too!)

  15. Court Says:

    Too funny, though I would suggest not praying to Kaiya b/c if she answers you you won’t understand it unless she is going to give you food, Iggles (wiggles) or another Mama!

  16. incognitomom Says:

    Fabulous! Very creative and a lot of fun. Thanks for the link.

  17. SAHM I AM Says:

    Very cool! Made me giggle. Thx.

  18. faemom Says:

    w4w~ I just want to know how you can be a numbers girl AND a words girl. It just seems to me you just have too much talent.
    Court~ I could use another Mama, though 😉
    incognito~ Thank you, and you’re welcome.
    SAHM~ My pleasure!

  19. polymerclaysnails Says:

    LOL … this is soo cool!

  20. ck Says:

    nicely done…and only a week of bad mommy moments? i wish i could say the same.

  21. faemom Says:

    poly~ Thanks
    ck~ Cheer up, I was only talking about a week at a time. To look back farther for bad mommy moments, I would lose my mind.

  22. mediocreperfectionist Says:

    Consider me impressed! Impressed and honored to be included. Hilarious and entertaining as always. I logged on today for some long neglected blog stalking, totally expecting to have gotten the blog roll boot!!!

  23. faemom Says:

    Some things are worth the wait. 🙂

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