The little dictator

As Sean grows older, he becomes more demanding.  He has no problem in taking some one by the hand and leading that person to what he wants.

He’ll take my hand and lead me to the fridge.  He’ll point to the fridge and demand, “Juice!”

He’ll take my hand and lead me to the fridge.  He’ll point to the top of the fridge for the candy jar and point and point.

He’ll take my hand and lead me to the counter.  He’ll point and demand, “Banana!”  Because he has learned to say banana, he demands them a lot, so he can hear himself say it.

He’ll take my hand and lead me to an open book of look-and-find.  He’ll point to the ground and demand, “Sit.” He’ll sit as well and tap the book.

Other days, he’ll just bring you what he wants.  He’ll shove a book into your hands, or he’ll shove a car into your hands.  Some times he’ll toddle out of the kitchen with a box of crackers and shove them into your hands with a demand of “Pease.” 

If, for some reason, you cannot give into these demands, he’ll throw himself down for a temper tantrum with a soft wail.  Honestly, it’s too funny because it’s nothing like the top of the lungs screaming Evan used to do.  Good luck with that, kid.

The main problem is that Sean does not understand that when he hands me a box with a cake on it or picture of pudding on it that does not mean it is in the box. 

Sweetheart, it’s a mix.  Mommy has to make it.  I swear to you don’t want to eat this powdery stuff.  Come on.  It’s time to throw your fit in your bed room.


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12 Responses to “The little dictator”

  1. Giselle Says:

    Haha! If only the box held a nice, piping hot cake…

  2. C Says:

    LOL, I was just dealing with this today w/ DD3. She will be 2 next month. She has learned to say ‘apple’ so all she will eat now is apples… no joke. A whole apple, but I have to peel it or she spits the peel everywhere!

    She holds her bottom and says poop when she pee’s. It is so funny how they learn things. I love to see them grow. Now, if I can get the night time sippy cup away from her I bet I can FINALLY potty train her!!!

    Next time let him play with the powder. I did that w/ DD1 and she realized it was nasty. It was a mess but she had fun and learned not to ask for what was in that box, haha!

  3. ck Says:

    I tried to tell my daughter she didn’t want to eat the powdery stuff, she assured me she did. I let her try it. Which, clearly, was my mistake. Because she loved it. DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE.

  4. Country-Fried Mama Says:

    The fact that those little boxes of pudding not only need to be made, but need time to set-up in the fridge makes ME have a temper tantrum. Mmm, pudding.

  5. insider53 Says:

    I so do not miss the tantrums. Keep your patience and don’t let em see you laughing. They never forget that.

  6. Ink Says:

    I love the image of him toddling out with a box and saying “Pease”! Too cute!

    Sometimes I want to throw a tantrum, too.

  7. Evenshine Says:

    Can you say Easy Bake Oven??

  8. KathyB! Says:

    He may be a little dictator, but at least he’s adorable! I love Evenshine’s suggestion — get an Easy Bake 🙂

  9. Gibby Says:

    HHmmmmm…Sean sounds like my husband. Strange.

  10. faemom Says:

    Giselle~ If only. Hey, maybe you should call up Betty Crocker and pitch the idea!
    C~ That would be amazing if you trained DD3 so early. I was reading the comments to Sean, and Evan piped up, “I want to try the powder too!”
    ck~ Thanks for the warning, as both my boys think it would be a wonderful idea.
    CFM~ Which is why I love instant. Make it before dinner, ready for dessert.
    insider~ I’m suppose to not laugh? I knew I was doing something wrong.
    Ink~ I know. He’s so precious. I know. We all want to throw tantrums, which is why they can do it in their room.
    even~ Excellent idea. Of course it takes an hour to bake anything.
    KathyB!~ He is pretty adorable. I guess I can spring for an Easy Bake for his birthday.
    Gibby~ That is strange. I never knew your husband was short, cute, and drools.

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