The Interrupter


Every morning it’s Sean who gets up at 6am to wake his Mommy up to get her to come with him to watch cartoons, to get him juice.  The other day he actually handed me my sandals.  This morning it was Evan, who cuddled in bed with me.  A few minutes later Sean came into the room, babbling.

Evan: Look, Mommy!  Seanny is looking for me!

Me: Really?

Evan: Yeah!  Seanny are you looking for me?

Sean: Um.  Uh.  Oh.

Evan: I think that’s a yes!

I think we need to stop acting like you actually can interrupt Sean


(Quick, early post today because we’re checking out a couple of schools today.  Can’t wait to find time to read.  Wish us luck.)

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5 Responses to “The Interrupter”

  1. KathyB! Says:

    Good luck on the hunt! Fingers crossed… knocking on wood… sending warm fuzzies… You should be good!

  2. sunnymom Says:

    That is so cute !!!!!

  3. ck Says:

    Good luck with the schools…and convincing Evan that he’s not interpreting properly.

  4. sunnymom Says:

    That is one of my most favorite things is cuddling with tooters. Having those sweet loving arms wrap around you with so much warmth and unconditional love almost brings a tear to my eye everytime. When i rock her to sleep I still will hold on to her for over an hour just to watch her sleep and wrap herself around me.

  5. faemom Says:

    KathyB!~ Now if only I could get my husband to sit down for a half hour discussion.
    sunny~ Thanks. I know. It’s heartbreaking.
    ck~ Thanks. You should hear the random interpretations: “Seanny wants a movie. Seanny wants to give me a toy. I think Seanny wants a cookie.” Right.

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