The Jump Arounds: Or my brain is melting; help me

Is any one else watching Noggin or Nickelodeon? Has any one else been subjected to the Jump Arounds that they now play every half hour?  Is any one else fears for their sanity when one of those damn songs keep playing in their head and you just can’t get it out and the husband is “borrowing” your iPod so you don’t have any music to get it out and you feel your brain slowly being eaten away?  Is it just me?  What precious information have I lost to make room for their songs to be an automatic repeat in my head?

You know, I was so good, so careful over what the boys listened to.  A couple of my friends gave them carefully screened CDs.  We never watched Barney.  If I was annoyed by the show, we didn’t watch it again like The Doodlebops.  The kid music we listened to was interesting, beautiful, and not annoying at all.  Then Nickelodeon comes along and ruins it.

I debated looking into their website and doing a little research for this post, but I have one of their songs stuck in my brain.  Does any one have an ice pick?

I also debated on hooking up a song or video to inform the readers who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, but I assume that I would be breaking a law form the Geneva Convention for torture.  Plus I like you all too much to do that to you.  Though I think we have another extreme questioning technique or whatever the Bush lawyers called it.

I just want know why these music and TV execs think that kid’s music has to be bland, annoying, and repetitive.  And can we say out of date?  Not old school, out of date.  Because who does a lame rap segment in the middle of a song any more?  And it’s not even the black guy.  It’s the white guy.  Really.  (If I offend any one by not using names, it’s because I’m trying to block out these commercials like blocking out horrific battle scenes and cannot force myself to go to their website to find out the band members names, who do not look like kids but twenty-somethings.)

So now I’m going to drop in a CD and try to get this torture out of my head.  As for you, I am opening the floor to those who would like to complain about horrible kid music.

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46 Responses to “The Jump Arounds: Or my brain is melting; help me”

  1. insider53 Says:

    I see you and I had the same day. My grandson is obsessed with noggin. Please Mommy make the voices stop.

  2. CynthiaK Says:

    Can’t say I’ve been exposed to the Nick or Noggin goodies you speak of here. In fact, I just tried going to the Nick site to check out The Jump Arounds but can’t get access to the vids because I’m not in the US. 😦

    I love a lot of music. And, I’ve exposed my kids (purposefully) to lots of it. I have, in the past, found some kid music/telly quite irritating and it therefore doesn’t make the cut. But, there’s so much great stuff out there! I hope you can find some of it to get the crappy stuff out of your head.

  3. Evenshine Says:

    Nick is the devil. Go outside and Jump Around. Preferably to the soothing tunes of Spring. Happy Friday!

  4. Coco Says:

    Thank goodness I’m not the only one who thinks The Jumparounds are evil. Seriously. I haaaaaaate them. I have had one song stuck in my brain for a week. And really, what is with the girl in the pink? She looks like Rainbow Bright from the 80’s threw up on her.

    Naturally, Nickelodeon couldn’t pass up the chance to reap even more of the disposable income of children than they get with “Spongebob” by fabricating their own horrible kid pop group. Ugh!

  5. The Mommy Says:

    We don’t watch much TV in our house other than the occasional Baby Einstein. I have always said that we would expose our kids to “real” music and then they won’t like the kid stuff. But I downloaded some kid music, and apparently that sounds more appealing?! It must be the high-pitched voices.

  6. Country-Fried Mama Says:

    Bless you for not linking to the song. I have enough crummy kid music floating around my own head. “Sunny day, sweeping the clouds away…”

  7. faemom Says:

    insider~ Why? Oh why are they so catchy like commercial jingles? I’d rather torture myself with a camp song.
    CynthiaK~ Consider yourself fortunate not to have to experience it. As soon as I get my iPod back, I’m getting some better music.
    Evenshine~ You’re so wise.
    Coco~ Amen! Amen! It’s like something out of the late 80’s, early 90’s. Which makes it all the more horrible.
    The Mommy~ You’re a smart mom not to watch too much TV. I think kids like the perfect balance of music where one can hear the words perfectly and none of the insturments are taking over any others. Or at least that’s what I told myself when one boy enjoys country and the other pure rock and roll.
    CFM~ You poor thing. Yet another example of why we need good kid music. Aren’t we moms and dads put through enough?

  8. Kitty Says:

    THANK YOU! I was just trying to get that mind-numbing “Stomp the House” song out of my head. As I was doing that, someone made a similar comment about the Jumparounds on Facebook so I did a Google search and found your blog. Hilarious post!

  9. faemom Says:

    No, thank you. Maybe we should start a petition to band them from the air waves. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Loving mother Says:

    I think you all are very rude.. I don’t find any thing wrong with the show.. its there to help kids get up and jump instead of watching tv all day.. Which I don’t let my child do.. but if you guys know that they play every half hour that means you watch to much tv.. Sorry my child gets maybe two hours and he loves to play more then watch tv.. and he likes the jump arounds so you are all very rude..

  11. faemom Says:

    Loving Mother,
    Rude would be telling people not to watch the show when I haven’t even seen it or assuming that my children watch too much TV when you have no idea how much those children watch. I’m glad your son likes it, and I assumed that some kids MUST like it or they wouldn’t have put it on. My point is there is better kid music out there that is not commercialized by some exec but written by an artist. Have you ever watched Jack’s Big Music Show which is on the same network? My other point is they are shoving it down kid’s throats. If your son watches two hours a day, then he’s seeing the commercial four times a day every day, which something they do not do with any other Nick or Noggin show. I do find it hilarious that there is a show telling kids to “jump instead of watching TV all day” because that it called irony. Enjoy The Jump Arounds by all means. I’m just hoping they end their marketing campaign soon so I can ignore it and listen to the other good kid music they usually play.

  12. joe Says:

    iv got a 2 year old daughter that watches noggin and most of the programin is educational and fun for her but when i see thes 4 jumparound jackasses making fools of themselvs with horrible musick and half ass dancing it makes me hope they will jump arround and off a bridge not tryin to offend no one thats just my opinion and yes i know my grammer is redonkulis!!!
    j. stylz out!

  13. David Says:

    I figure that there are two types of children TV shows. One where the producers want parents/adults and children to watch together and others that they want children only…as a captive audience. The Jumparounds is definitely the latter.

    My son is three years old and loves “Jack’s Big Music Show.” I watch it as well. He also watches “Yo Gabba Gabba,” which I think is made cheaply and is sometimes creepy.

    “Jack’s” almost always has some outstanding and diverse music. It is also well done. On the other hand, the Jump Arounds….well…to say the four kids are lacking in talent in both the dancing and singing is being too kind.

    While I have never seen “High School Musical” I think that this is a preschool prep show for that show.

    Anyway, I don’t think that The Jump Arounds will be “around” for my son…

    By the way, does anyone know who I can write to at either Nickelodeon or Viacom to express my displeasure concerning this show?

  14. faemom Says:

    joe~ That’s why this is so annoying. Nick usually has better programming. I just want the commercials to stop so I can happily ignore it.
    David~ I totally agree. There’s a hot debate over on Parents which is owned by Nickelodeon, so I’m sure someone’s monitering that feed quite closely. I’m sure there has to be a contact us on the website of either the Jump Arounds, Nickelodeon, or even

  15. I’ll give you controversy « Faemom Says:

    […] The Jump Arounds: Or my brain is melting; help me […]

  16. That's Lame Says:

    You know what I think is rude, Loving Mother? Going to someone else’s blog and accusing them of being rude.

  17. Inez Says:

    I am about ready to die if I have to see another Jump Around video. I especially hate their newest edition of “Go Bananas”! (Which I just watched about 1 minute ago) What is up with the White Guy always rapping and now beat boxing in the video like he has any right to spit all over the shorter brown haired girl! My husband says that the Jump Arounds should go jump around in traffic. We watch a lot of Noggin, for the simple fact it is way better than a lot of other programming and we do have a pre-preschooler. He prefers this channel and I don’t mind just leaving the tv on that channel. I just want to switch it as soon as I start to hear this horrible music. I am a grown woman and I hate it so much that I am sucked into the tv holding my mouth open staring seething with disgust and then I complain for 15 minutes to my husband. By the time I calm down and quit talking about how much I hate them, they are on again and it’s an ongoing cycle that I’m going to have to start taking medication for. (Not seriously) I tried to actually go to the Nick website to leave a comment to please remove these idiotic segments from a preschoolers channel but they don’t allow comments on the Jump Arounds website because I think too many people hate them. If anyone knows of anyone starting a petition to have them removed please let me know, because I will sign it willingly!!! I’m going insane having to listen to these kids that just drive me crazy!!!

  18. Court Says:

    While I could brag here and say I’m super cool for not having cable. I am pregnant again. Because we don’t have cable.

  19. faemom Says:

    That’s Lame~ Thanks for the stand up.
    Inez~ I just watched “Go Bananas” more closely and couldn’t believe how much lamer it is than the rest of the stuff. is Nick’s parents website which has quite a heated discussion about this. Maybe someone there has started a petition. I just want them to stop advertising.
    Court~ You’re going to need cable with the next one so that you can actually take a shower or wash dishes 😉

  20. zipadee30 Says:

    Uggggh. I cant take anymore b-a-n-a-n-a-s. If I were a monkey and heard the song I would consider throwing a pile of poo at them.

    I understand they are trying to promote 30 year olds rapping and singing bad songs for money but sheeeesh. Enough is enough. It makes me miss Moose A Moose. Even my kids ask “Wheres the moose?”
    Make the awful dancing and lame music stop!

  21. Denise Says:

    OH MY GOD! I HATE those people! They ruin my mood every time. And now my daughter turns her little 9-month-old head to the point of whiplash every time she hears the Jump Arounds on Noggin. I CAN’T TAKE IT NO’ MO’!!!!!

  22. faemom Says:

    zipadee~ I’m glad that I’m not the only one who noticed how old the actors/singers/dancers were. That also gets my goat. I can’t wait until they have a regular spot to ignore them on.
    Denise~ Quick! Find some better music for your daughter! She’s too young to be ruined like this.

  23. Kim Says:

    Why did they inundate us and our children with these horrible songs and characters to then just to pull them off TV and Nick I know people, I’m not complaining about not seeing or hearing them anymore but now my children make me sing them the songs. Ugh! Isn’t there a happy medium?

  24. faemom Says:

    All I wanted was them to stop the commercials so that I could ignore it or your children watch it while you do something else. I guess the mob has spoken. Quick, find a new kid band.

  25. Joni Says:

    I am amazed that there are so many parents out there that have such negative comments to make about this group. They are a group of kids singing, dancing and having fun and kids LOVE them! Noggin after all is for KIDS! Who cares if you as a parent don’t care for them, does your child like them? My guess is your child loves them just as much as mine. You all need to find something better to do with your time! How about spending time playing with your child instead of watching the television!

  26. faemom Says:

    As I’ve stated before, I don’t like that they are a made-up group to sell top kids. The preformers are definantly not kids. Parents DO care what their kids watch; most parents perfer other music shows like Jack’s Big Music Show. No, my boys don’t like them. I’m fine if your child likes them; I just wanted them to stop running a spot every half an hour which they did. Since your child loves them, can I assume that you don’t play with your kid, allowing your child to watch tv? You shouldn’t assume we’re letting our kids be zombified by TV.

  27. Coco Says:

    Fae, how on earth did you manage to catch yourself another Jumparounds Troll? 😉

    Dear Joni – lighten up. It’s called tongue-in-cheek humor. You should try it sometime.

  28. faemom Says:

    Coco, I’m a little surprised too. Especially since I haven’t seen those songs in a while. I keep meaning to ask you: Do you have a blog somewhere?

  29. Joni Says:

    I don’t find any humor in the crap that you all have to say. As for my child, most of his day is play time, and minimal time is spent watching tv.

  30. faemom Says:

    Joni, first off, I was just pointing out that I don’t know how much tv your kids watch and you don’t know how much tv my kids watch. Second, is there any kid show that you don’t like? Most of the parents here are very particular about what their kids watch, which is why most of them have their kids watch Noggin which can be educational and without ads. So maybe you can understand how some of us get frustrated when we try so hard to make sure our children watch quality programming for as little as they watch tv.

  31. AbbysMom Says:

    I have a 3 year old daughter who is obsessed with The Jumparounds. The kids singing and dancing aren’t hurting anyone, they’re not mean or inappropriate. Why is it so wrong for our children to enjoy music that we may not like? Kids need to express themselves – not be told what they should listen to (again, as long as it’s appropriate). I saved their videos on the computer so that my daughter can watch them anytime she wants. These videos have made such a great impact on her. She stands here and mimics every single move and knows all of the words. Granted, they may not be teaching her anything important (to some) but I will never tell her she can’t watch them because I don’t like their music or I think they’re annoying. If that were the case, she’d hardly watch anything on the kids channels. It’s a shame that they don’t seem to be available to my daughter any longer. I can no longer find their videos on Youtube, they don’t show them on tv and their website has been down for weeks. I pray it isn’t because of annoyed parents that they were removed from tv. It’s not about the parents, it’s about the kids.

  32. faemom Says:

    AbbysMom~ As parents of young children, it is up to us to moniter what our kids watch. I want my boys to watch something educational or when it comes to music, something with talent and not produced. While I’m perfectly fine with the show being on and your child enjoying them, I do find it amusing that your arguement against me is that kids need to express themselves and then you talk about how your child mimics the moves and words of a show. I doubt that annoyed parents took it off the air because Max and Ruby is still on.

  33. boysboysboys Says:

    First, I don’t think any adult should be expected to stop being a human being with his or her own likes and dislikes just because that person becomes a parent. Secondly, they are KIDS! Sure, we have all experienced the fixation our children have with certain things at any given time. But if you do some redirecting and limit your child’s exposure to some form of media, it’s not like they’re going to miss out terribly. They’ll find something else to be obsessed with and hopefully it’s not quite as amusing. That said, I’m a pretty laid-back parent, which is strange because I’m a highly irritable person. But I’ll put up with all kinds of noise and annoying things just because my kids love it. I get a kick out of my son trying to rap along with “Go Bananas” and the way he dances around. I also like taking a break from the educational and do things we just enjoy. Balance is key. And children really don’t come right out with independent self expression. So a child copying a dance and song is not any kind of sign of that he can’t be imaginative on his own. More often it’s exposure to many different things that helps a child develop his or her own way of thinking. When it comes to getting up and moving around, it doesn’t matter to me whether it’s indoors or outdoors or if there’s a TV on or not. The Jump Arounds have my kid dancing around like a fool just the way many of those silly poppy songs do. With as much TV as my son watches, and I’ll admit he watches too much of it sometimes, he’s also an extremely active, athletic, musical, artistic, imaginative and smart kid. It comes back to balance. As long as TV isn’t the only thing going on and I encourage him to appreciate books and artistic things and physical activity, etc. I know I’m doing a good job.

  34. faemom Says:

    boysboysboys~ I wouldn’t mind “The Jump Arounds” if I knew when to avoid them. I think that I have precious few years where I can keep my impressionable children from being sold all kinds of things. One day I won’t have that control. Until then I think I have perfect right to limit what my kids see and hear wether it be violent cartoons, shows they don’t understand, commercials. I know many parents feel the same but perhaps on different shows, songs, and movies. I hope your children enjoy “The Jump Arounds” which airs in August.

  35. Coco Says:

    Dang! I missed Joni’s return to inform us that what we’re saying is “crap” – interesting that she found the time and energy to even come back if we were so unworthy of her time. Life is just full of irony, no?

    For anyone who’s interested – and I’m unfortunately forced to be, because my son watches Noggin almost exclusively – The Jumparounds have been repurposed as “The Fresh Beat Band”. Still the same annoying songs being relentlessly pimped between every episode of every show, though.

    Like Fae said, I couldn’t care less if anyone’s kid is enamored of The Fresh-Beat-Arounds. My own son has started to sing along to the annoying noise they make, and guess what? I’ll probably be first in line to get him the toys and DVD’s and whatnot if the show actually makes it.

    What I object to is being subjected to the same stupid four songs, over, and over and OVER. I also object to being told that I have to grin and pretend to enjoy something I find repellent because my preschool-aged child likes it. He also likes The Wonder Pets – while I feel like making duck soup most of the time. I don’t belittle him for liking it, or force him not to watch it, or write angry letters to the child actor playing Ming-Ming the duck, OK?

    Once again, I say – lighten up.

    Fae – I’m at Mommyhood and Life (

  36. boysboysboys Says:

    Of course you have that right. That was my first point. No one should have to put up with things they don’t have to just because they become a parent. Our kids don’t have to watch TV. They don’t have to listen to certain songs. And as parents, we’re still in charge. As long as we aren’t taking away something that is important for their development, then it doesn’t matter. I just objected to other parents who would seem to be more like me (allowing their children to watch things whether we like them or not) calling the rest of you out with your “crap” and whatever else was said. You don’t have to insult someone just because you don’t agree with them. The last part of my post was to also say that allowing kids to watch TV is also not a bad thing. A child copying what another person is doing is not a bad thing (depending on what they are copying, of course). Learning is done by copying.

  37. faemom Says:

    Coco~ I nearly laughed when I saw “The Fresh Beats Band.” I don’t think the name was the problem. At least they’ll have a home in Aug so we can choose to watch it or not.
    boysboysboys~ I apoligize if I jumped down your throat. As you may have noticed, people get very confrontaional over this for some strange reason. Though I promise you, I do let the boys watch a lot of things I wouldn’t care to watch. I usually read during those times. It’s just they run those spots during the time I actually sit and watch with the boys. Oh, so annoying. At least, the execs have pulled back on their advertising this time around. Thanks for your comments.

  38. Mom Anom Says:

    I’ll be glad when those Jump around/Fresh Beats are scheduled for some set time in the day so I can avoid them. I hate when my 5 year old is watching her 2 or 3 Shows on that channel and I also get stuck watching them 5 times in the 1-1/2 hours she is watching Noggin.

    For one thing-they are lip synching the whole time. Every single lame song they do their voices are all completely different. The voices are so over the top on some of the songs-come on-it’s unbelievable. Don’t try to make me believe that 30 year old jumping around has a vocal range of that quality. Make the actual people sing…..I would be incredibly surprized if any of them COULD actually sing.

    Secondly-they are 30 year olds who are dressing like 9-13 year olds. That alone is pretty annoying.

    Thirdly-they do the same dance moves over and over. I am not even sure that they are good dancers. They just have about 6 moves they endlessly repeat. Annoying!

    When I asked my 5 year old if she liked them, she said she liked the kids in the videos who dress like the adults. She is much more impressed with their dancing than that of the 4 jump arounds. Me too!

    Do you all think they might be the otherwise unsuccessful children of Nick Executives that decided to lean on their parents to create jobs for them in the “entertainment” field?

    Sorry-I’m not a hater-I just have to vent. I am not at all a negative person for the most part. I just love Laurie Bergener on “Jack’s Big Music Show”-I think she is REALLY talented!-and I was kind of disappointed when my 5 year old opted not to watch that show any more as she only gets 2 hours of “screen time” a day and wants to play Webkins on the computer instead.

  39. faemom Says:

    I have no problem allowing people to vent here. This post seems especially set up for that. I’m so excited that the Jump Arounds/Fresh Beats start on Monday, so that they stop taking up air time and I won’t have to worry about them any more. God has answered my prayers because the show is running during naptime. I like your theory about who these “kids” really are.

  40. crashkix Says:

    WOW… I looked up The Jump Arounds because I wanted to know why the name of the group changed, and instead I landed upon this! I never respond or get involved with blogs like this ( I don’t know where to find time to blog) but I just had to put my two cents in. First of all, if you listen to some of the songs they do teach lessons (creativity, etc.). Second, there is nothing wrong with the age of the characters in it. It’s not like the girls are half naked and the guys are pervs. I am very careful about what my 2 children watch (no Sponge Bob, Fairly Odd Parents, etc.) and there is nothing wrong with The Fresh Beats Band. They use creative thinking to solve problems and demonstrate values that I try to instill in my children. Instead of sitting and blogging all day about a preschool show on Nick, maybe we should act like parents and raise our kids right.

  41. faemom Says:

    Crashkix~ I’m glad you and your kids enjoy The Fresh Beat Band, but I do not. The songs that they play to get kids interested in the show are not education. The ones taling about crazy legs, bananas or sounds coming from everywhere. While I don’t have a problem with the age of the actors per say, I find it amazing that exs couldn’t find kids, they settled on adults. Finally, since you rudely assumed that I’m not raising my kids right because I have a blog, should I assume the same for you since you were wasting your time to find out why The Jump Arounds changed their name to The Fresh Beat Band?

  42. Coco Says:

    Oh, Fae – you’ve been saddled with the never-ending Fresh-Arounds Troll thread!

    It’s pretty amazing the number of Fresh Beat FanGirls who keep showing up here. And they all keep saying pretty much the same thing: “I’m not the one sitting my kids in front of the TV/Blogging all day while my kids consume high fructose corn syrup! You should THINK OF THE KIDS!”

    Sorry, sorry. I’m sure this will just stir someone else up. Feel free to send ’em my way. 😉

  43. SookieStackhouse Says:

    I çant stand the Fresh Beat Arounds! (Great new name BTW) I too am a Noggiun (Nick Jr) Mom who is STILL subjected to this repetetive crap! While I’m here, Love the Wonder Pets, Backyardigans, and Jacks BMS, CAN’T STAND Dora & Diego, and Max and Ruby (well, can’t stand Ruby)!

  44. Momx4 Says:

    Lets face facts people complaining about a childrens show because you dont think they are good enough is childish. Ruins it for the kids which is who its for in the first place. I dont think there is anything wrong with the freshbeats they may not be your favorite childrens group but they are up beat and get your child moving and they teach team work. I suppose if your against those things go ahead and complain away but why. It really makes no since for an adult to decide if a childrens musical group is good or not. Because its not for you its for your kids. What is the real harm in them being on tv? If they took off every kids show that annoyed a parent then we wouldnt have childrens networks. So if you dont like a kids show keep it to yourself and just grin and bear it because you really dont know what lessons your child may learn.

  45. parenting BY dummies Says:

    Wow! I love the rude expert on rudeness! Guess it takes one to know one:)! And, I love people who contradict themselves, you know let your kids watch what they want on TV said right before you should turn it off. I’m so confused now, I don’t know what the judging mass wants me to do. And, as long as I’m letting them watch what they like I think my kids would find some of the shows on Adult Swim quite fascinating, I think I’ll put that on for them later! And, seriously with all of the educational malarky! Fact to business, TV is NOT educational. Doesn’t matter what the show is, there is ALWAYS a better way to be spending that time. Accept and move on that we all let our kids watch TV b/c it’s entertaining and because it frees us up to sit around on the computer and talk crap about other people on their blogs (or, for those super awesome people that wrote such scathing comments here, to bake and sew, and otherwise enhance their home lives). No. Other. Reason. So, Fae, how was that for a defense of you? Awesome or what?!

  46. maloang Says:

    I love the music its so much better then others. I’m a preschool teacher and music is being played all day in my class, for the first time I’m singing along. If its that horriable then leave the room, but many children are in love the music. Twist rap is the best and it doesn’t matter if u black or white.

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