I’ll give you controversy

Well, I did it again.  I dipped my toe in some controversy and pulled out a hate comment.  So Court, I do get them.  I got it on my post on why The Jump Arounds are so hateful.

Come On!  I’ve written way more controversial stuff than The Jump Arounds make me feel like I’m losing IQ points.  Actually I’ve said more controversial stuff like President Bush makes me feel like I’m losing IQ points every time I hear him speak.  That was right after 9-11.  That would be controversial.

Or the time I was forced to go to another Newman Mass at a local state school in the interest of building bridges between Newman Fellowships.  That would be two masses in one evening; thank you, Father.  As I sat there after the mass, at a long table with eight other Catholics, I blew their minds when I mentioned I was also the Roman Catholic representative at my school’s Interfaith Committee Meetings.  Then I shocked them more by telling them that we had witches ,and (gasp) they were really cool and (gasp), they were allowed to participate in the Interfaith Committee Meetings.  Well, no, I didn’t feel like I should boycott the meetings.  They would have had brain hemorrhages if I actually told them that I had gone to several rituals and that the coven liked me so much I had an open invitation to come to any close rituals or parties.  Since I gave my promise to be on my best behavior because I-don’t-want-to-be-excommunicated-again-do-you-really-have-that-authority, I kept my mouth shut over how offended I was that the Catholics had taken over this state school’s interfaith chapel, decorating it only with Catholic propaganda and that these students had divided themselves into four neatly separate groups based on their race.  Excuse me, guys, but religion has nothing to do with race, especially since you all are power-fighting in a religion my family was in centuries before said religion sent missionaries on that embarrassing sword and cross conversion to your families’ countries.  See that is controversial.

Or there was the time when Planned Parenthood had come to our college, playing music, trying to educate people on safer sex.  The guy was desperately trying to get someone to admit to the whole cafeteria that (s)he was having safe sex to get this nifty hat.  After a while, the desperation got to me, and I stood up and yelled out that I did.  The guy was so excited, and I got this really nice Trojans hat (great to wear when I’m pregnant).  As I returned to my table, dancing, wearing my new hat, a friend asked who I was secretly dating as I was happily single.  I shrugged and answered, “Abstinence is safe sex.  Besides I wonder what would happen if I yelled out I needed to get laid.”  At that point, I was thrown to my chair and begged not to do anything stupid.  That could be controversial.

I’ve written more controversial stuff.  Remember the other week when I called home schooling moms crazy? Or when I ranted on Shakespeare.   Or when I way back when said to be a good mom you had to be a feminist.  Actually I was shocked on that one too. 

I can get more controversial.  I was the maid of honor at a lesbian wedding.  I went to protests on the FTAA.  I once told my mentor, a pastor, that men were only good for physical pleasure and nothing else and I meant it.  I shoplifted in Disneyland.  I’m pro-choice.  I’ve tithed at my Roman Catholic Church the same week I donated to Planned Parenthood.  I voted for Ralph Nadar in the 2000 election.  I believe in gun control and parenting classes for everyone.  I’ve spanked my kids once or twice.  I do not believe God hates any one.  I actually own a shirt that says “God’s a girl and She’s cute” because we have to have a sense of humor in religion.  I have vehemently argued against and for the death penalty.  I’ve defended vegetarianism, and I once got into a long argument with a militant vegetarian because I wouldn’t convert even after reading her precious book. 

So there.  If you want controversy, there it is.  But let’s not waste our time over what TV shows we like or let our children watch.  Honestly, you think I was Evenshine or something.

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9 Responses to “I’ll give you controversy”

  1. jalyber Says:

    I like your spunk, Faemom. More times than I can count, I have done what you so eloquently call “dipping my toe in controversy and pulling out a hate comment.” Sometimes, I do it purposefully – as when I discuss my liberal views with my more conservative friends. But sometimes this happens in ways most unexpected. For example, when discussing public funding of schools with people who attend those same schools. But the most surprising hate comments come when you simply are having a reasonable conversation with someone who you think is like you – until they make a racist or sexist, or some other -ist comment. And you look at them thinking “How did we get here?” Thank you for your comments – I have enjoyed reading this post, and look forward to exploring others…

  2. insider53 Says:

    Yeah I’m getting that too with my prop 8 post but so far it’s been an interesting debate, maybe you should weigh in and stir the pot. I can’t believe someone chose the jump arounds of all things to make a stand on. Oh well, to each his own I guess. For me personally I like to see a good soapbox rant which is why I named my blog what I did. Our ideas are never going to please everyone, that’s why we have a delete button.

  3. incognitomom Says:

    Oh that’s rich! We have so many more important things to argue about in this world and yet, it’s the Jump Arounds that got someone all hot under the collar. I agree with insider53 … “to each his own”.

  4. Ink Says:

    Fae, you’re awesome.

  5. Court Says:

    Did you at least shoplift some of those cute ears?

  6. Gibby Says:

    Fae, I am so laughing right now! Um, yeah, that other stuff is WAY more controversial (although you should post about that witch stuff!) than voicing a dislike for a kids’ show. When I read your post on the Jump Arounds, I was sooo happy that I didn’t even know about that show. Hooray, my kids are getting older! So I went back and read the comments and all I can say is, man I love blogging!

  7. Evenshine Says:

    “Honestly, you think I was Evenshine or something.”


  8. Coco Says:

    Wow, Fae! You got a Jumparounds Troll. That’s a major coup; they’re incredibly rare.

  9. faemom Says:

    jalyber~ Thanks. It’s always surprising when you didn’t even make a heated comment to begin with. It’s like being side-swiped.
    insider~ Well said. I should great a little chaos over at your blog. It might be fun.
    incognito~ It’s not like I was advicating paddling back in schools! Oh, well.
    Ink~ Why, thanks.
    Court~ We were serving a higher purpose. We were stealing plastic gems that Disney was selling for five bucks to fill a tiny little bag. Highway robbery is what we called it.
    Gibby~ I know! Isn’t it hilarious? And maybe I will write about the witches one day.
    Evenshine~ Oh, come on. You like controversy! Admit it!
    Coco~ And who’d a thought my little blog would attrack one?

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