A quick, oh so quick, note

A quick morning post to say that I have no idea if I’ll actually write a real post later.  It’s going to be 102 today.  One hundred and two degrees, people!  And my baby brother has invited us to take shelter at my parents’ pool.  (He can do this because my parents are still out of town until this afternoon.)  So I’ll be over there.  But first it’s time to do a little birthday shopping for the pickiest person I know.  Is it wrong to give your spouse a gift certificate when you know he’ll never remember to use it?  What?  We’re out of bread already!  But I just bought some . . . . Oh, it has been a while.  I might as well get the pound cake for the petit fours for the bridal shower on Sunday while I’m at it.  Oh a text from the BFF.  What’s she doing us so early?  Right, that pesky job thing.  Apparently she’s ordering me to the doctor’s today with the threat she’ll catch the next plane here to drag me to one if I don’t go on my own.  She’s right.  Nine days with a sore throat is too long, but honestly, I thought it was due to allergies at first.  It also goes to prove that I haven’t gotten The Look down yet.  Does any one have pointers?  Ok, I’ve got to vacuum before the boys destroy the main room, which by the sounds of it, they are nicely on their way.  How cute is this?  Evan woke me up with the doctor kit, trying to make me feel better.  Boy, I love stream of conscious writing.

4 Responses to “A quick, oh so quick, note”

  1. Ink Says:

    Aw, Fae, nine days with a sore throat is AWFUL. Please don’t worry about putting another post (this counts as a post, btw, not that you HAVE to post on ANY given day because, you know, no pressure) but DO relax and splash in the pool and drink lots of cold drinks and maybe go see a doctor and get some germ-kicking something to make you feel better. (Although the waking up with dr. kit thing is adorable and had to go a long way on the emotional front, anyway.) Take care!!!!

  2. Gibby Says:

    Yeah, that’s a long time for a sore throat. I had one a couple of weeks ago that lasted 7 days and I swore that if it went an 8th, MAYBE I would see someone. Feel better!

    As for your weather? Today is the first day of our summer vacation and it is FIFTY-SEVEN degrees. Of course my kids are begging me to take them to the pool. I’ve tried explaining that it won’t even open until it is 11 degrees warmer, which really, still isn’t warm!! Damn Chicago burbs.

  3. wild4words Says:

    Oooh, yeah – you get yourself to that doctor right now.

    And I’m with you…. I LOVE stream of consciousness writing. It makes me feel just slightly spazzy and out of control, kind of like a two-year old spinning in circles. Fun stuff!! 🙂

  4. faemom Says:

    First off, Thank you all for the kind words. It’s either allergies or a cold, not enough symptoms to rule for either or against one. Just over the counter meds. Horrah.
    Ink~ I’m crazy responsible. I look at this blog like a responsibility. You see how upset I get when I can’t write or worse yet read other blogs. Ugh.
    Gibby~ Wanna visit? Or send just the girls. Three community pools, two backyard pools, and a community pool all in walking distance. I’m an excellent swimmer, certified in CPR and first aid. I’ll take care of them
    w4w~ I know! No wonder people love doing it. Our minds are so freakin’ fascinating.

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