A discussion of rolls and dresses

(Some back story: My brother is getting married in July in New Hampshire.  I’ve decided to sew a dress because I don’t have time to search for a dress with a toddler and a preschooler in tow.  Wait.  Is that going to be more time consuming?  My mom has decided to make a dress because she waited too long to order the dress she loved, and it is now out of stock.  My grandma has decided to buy a dress though my mother thinks she should just alter one of her older dresses because they’re back in style.)

The boys and I were at my parents’ house for dinner and precious Papi and Grandma time.  As my mom chopped vegetables for the dinner, I was chopping fruit for a fruit salsa.

Grandma: I’ve decided to order that dress.

Me: Oh, good.  I liked that one.

My mom: What size?

Grandma: Size 12.

The chopping ceased.  My grandma is around five foot two.  I could break her if I tried.  Since my grandpa’s passing last August, she has lost tons of weight to the point that we’re all trying to get her to have another helping or another slice.  My mom and I are about the same height and have been working hard to slide into a size 12. 

Me: Grandma, I’m a size twelve.  You are not.

My Mom: Mom!  You are NOT a size twelve.  Maybe a ten.  Maybe smaller.

Grandma: But I don’t like things tight like you two-

Me: Fitted.

Grandma: I don’t like showing my rolls.

My mom spun around with the knife still in hand.  She made an elegant gesture with her free hand motioning along her body.

My Mom: Do you see any rolls?

Me: My rolls are cute!  (Besides I gave up my baby doll shirts, because no one wants to see a post-baby tummy, not even me.)

My grandma rolled her eyes at us.  Though a few days later when the dress came in the mail, it was too big.

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9 Responses to “A discussion of rolls and dresses”

  1. insider53 Says:

    I’m with your Grandma, I hate tight things. She can always have it altered.

  2. ck Says:

    Your grandma rocks.

  3. The Mommy Says:

    LOL at Fitted.

  4. Zeemaid Says:

    *LOL* Them’s fighting words… even from grandma!

    P.s. I’ve been doing some jigging of my page… are you still having problems viewing it?

  5. Lindsey Says:


    I have a wedding to attend next month. I’m thinking of going in a parka and flip-flops.

  6. Ink Says:

    You’re going to sew a dress? Good for you! What will it look like? You must have mad skillz.

  7. femspotter Says:

    It seems like parent to daughter and again mother to daughter, there’s a generational reboot of body image issues. My mom has made me terribly insecure about my body. When we were children she demonized food, and she and my dad always told me that I’m predisposed to obesity. (BTW, after a few months of Weight Watchers, I’m almost into a size 8 – at 5’5″ tall – I don’t think that’s obese at all!)

    My mom didn’t get it from her mom, though. Her father was the tease. He grabbed me around the waist when I was about 14 and told me that I was carrying a spare tire there. He must have done the same thing to her. (I guess I’ll have to forgive her.)

    You seem to be doing the right thing in shrugging your Grandmother off. Your mom too. “Cute rolls or no rolls around here!”

  8. faemom Says:

    insider~ I understand that, but the woman is in denial of how small she has gotten. She could swim in that size twelve.
    ck~ Oh, I know.
    The Mommy~ Glad to make you laugh.
    Zeemaid~ Oh, I know. My other grandma is much worse. I’ll check!
    Lindsey~ That’s quite a fashion statement. Do they match?
    ink~ I don’t. My mom does. I aspire. But I figure I really should relearn without the teenage attitude.
    femspotter~ Oy! I could write a whole post on the body issues of my family or more to the point THAT side of the family. I totally agree with you. I think our mothers shape our body image, which sometimes needs to be tweaked back to normal.

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    […] all that changed this week when some how the spam computers picked up my post titled A Discussion of Rolls and Dresses, which must mean my readers and I are just dying to see nude celebrity pics. […]

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