Everything else is blue . . .

We’ve learned to strip Tornado S of his swimsuit immediately after he swims.  Or else he walks over to the grass and pees in his swim trunks.   Tornado S stood on the pool decking, naked, shivering in the wind, waiting for Uncle M to climb out of the pool after he fetched all the diving toys the boys let drop in the deep end.  My brother looked at Tornado S and then at me.

Uncle M: Hey, Fae! I can tell when Tornado S’s cold.

Me: From his shivering?

Uncle M: No.

Me: From the bright blue color of the scar on his lip.

Uncle M: Nope.  His penis is totally blue.

Me: What?!

Who doesn’t rush over to see a blue penis?

Papi: Well, we now know he’s pick up line in college.  Girls, have you ever seen a blue penis?

Me: (groan)

Papi: Or.  Some guys get blue balls, but I get a blue penis.

Me: (roll of eyes and groan) You know this is going to go in the blog.

Papi: Or. Gu-

Uncle M: Tornado E! No!  We don’t touch people’s penises.

Tornado E: But I want to see it!

Me: Tornado E, we don’t touch some one else’s penis.  Even if we want to look at it.  Here, Tornado S.  (I wrapped Tornado S in a towel and carried him in the house.)

Papi: Ok, how about this one? –

I slammed the back door shut.

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13 Responses to “Everything else is blue . . .”

  1. todaysnewsart Says:

    I laughed at this one. And then I saw your tag “the penis rules” and laughed again. What a traumatic experience. Don’t think that line won’t work later on in life, though.

  2. Zeemaid Says:

    one word… “men”


  3. insider53 Says:

    *LOL the men in your family are terrible LOL*

  4. ck Says:

    nothing like a penis joke to start off the day!

  5. Gibby Says:

    OH MY GOD! That is hysterical! I had to read “blue penis” twice to make sure that is what I was reading. Oh, the things I am missing by having two girls.

  6. Court Says:

    That is different.

  7. KathyB! Says:

    That conversation was on the express train to no-place good!! Sound slike you got out of there in the nick of time… 🙂

  8. faemom Says:

    todaysnewsart~ Yeah, I don’t think it would work either. It just goes to show how long my dad has been out of the dating game.
    Zeemaid~ And to think I’m raising some.
    insider~ You can tell why I have never been impressed with the oppisite sex.
    ck~ It’s what I do best.
    Gibby~ I think missing it would be a good thing. That and the discussions of circumcision.
    Court~ Yeah, very different. Good luck on that boy 😉
    KathyB!~ It’s nice to have an escape. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to the days of naked boy statues and pickles.

  9. Eric Richardville Says:

    LOL. That sounds like he was REALLY cold. Very funny.

  10. Mark Says:

    I have yet to experience the blue penis (personally or through boys!). I am intrigued.

    I think I will head home and make us all stand in buckets of iced water in the garden and see what happens. Must get to the bottom of this.


  11. faemom Says:

    Eric~ That’s what we’re thinking, though it was 98 degree day.
    Mark~ Let me know how that turns out for you.

  12. Mark Says:

    Not pleasant. Blue in this context is bad!

  13. faemom Says:

    LOL Yeah, I bet it was.

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