Add it to the list

As I herded the boys away from the playground, I had them turn around and say goodbye to a cute, towhead seventeen month boy that they had been playing with.

Evan: Mommy!  I want a baby just like that one!

Me: You want a baby?

Evan: Yes!

Me: We’ll see what we can do about that.

Evan: Actually (yes, he really does say actually), I think Uncle T should have one!

Me: (Because Uncle T is getting married in August and Aunt K would like to wait on kids for a little while, I smile.) Well, we’ll let Uncle T and Aunt K now what you want.

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4 Responses to “Add it to the list”

  1. parenting BY dummies Says:

    At least the kid knows what he wants. Mine, also a decisive little guy, requested a girl baby who doesn’t scream or bite. I’d like to second that request:).

  2. ck Says:

    Better get moving on it, Fae. Evan needs another brother!

  3. faemom Says:

    I think he wants a boy cousin from his uncle. He wants a sister from me.

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