Why? Why?

Tornado E is in the Why Phase right now, and it seems that he generally wants to know the answer.  Finally a place to put my massive amount of useless knowledge to work.  Of course, trying to explain why boys have penises and girls don’t provides an interesting topic, especially when trying to keep it at preschool understanding.  I just might be getting the hang of this.  But then there’s Tornado S.

Tornado S: Why?

Me: Because we have to go to the store.

Tornado S: Why?

Me: Because we’re getting shirts for you and your brother.

Tornado S: Why?

Me: Because you need new ones.

Tornado S: Why?

Me: Because you go through clothes rapidly.

Tornado S: Why?

Me: You stain them.  You want something to wear to match you are that day.

Tornado S: Why?

Me: Because that’s the way you guys pick clothes.

Tornado S: Why?

Me: Good question.  Why?

Tornado S: Why?

Me: Why?

Tornado S: Why?

Me: Why?

Tornado S: Why?

Me: Why?

Tornado S: Why?

Me: See, I don’t think you care what I say.  I think you like saying “why.”  Which is fine because “why” is a fun word to say and you can learn a lot by asking it.  But right now I could answer you with the history of the novel, the history of the hot dog, the interesting habits of human mating, the play by play of the last baseball game I saw, or just random stories from my past that would bore you to death one day.  I could do all this and it wouldn’t matter because you would just say . . .

Tornado S: Why?

Me: I thought so.

Tornado S: Why?

Me: Ok, why don’t I just give you generic answers, so I don’t get frustrated and not give you answers when you’re older and actually want them.  I’ll let this roll off my back.  But I’m warning you I might not be able to deal with this on a bad day.  I’ll pretend it’s like when you say “mine,” and I’ll just ignore you and keep going.  Does that seem fair?

Tornado S: Why?

Me: I’m taking that as a yes.

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7 Responses to “Why? Why?”

  1. KathyB! Says:

    Sometimes assumed acquiesence is the best way to go!

  2. ck Says:

    Ugh. This makes me glad my daughter already thinks she knows more than we do…

  3. Court Says:

    Yeah I’m not looking forward to that one. She’s in the mine phase and the ‘no.’ Everything is freaking no. Even ‘want to go to the pool?’ Which of course she does and I should hold her to her answer but when she throws the fit and flails on the ground I’m too big to get her now so I just give up. It’s so not fair.

  4. insider53 Says:

    Here is the best answer I ever came up with to fight the why litany.
    child: Why do I say why?(this of course could be any why question)
    me: I don’t know, why do you think you say why?
    child: I don’t know, your the mommy you are suppose to know.
    me: why?
    child: looking confused.
    me: smiling.
    Works every time.

  5. holeycheese Says:

    My soon to be four year old is still doing that -the never ending why. And the boy who is five in a couple of weeks is starting to ask lots of deeper questions.. like what happens when we die, why did God create trees, why are there dangerous animals..? Why are not all people good people.. What do hippos eat? Which are the animals that once were.. but aren’t any longer..? Why did they die..? How many species of butterflies are there. How to count to 100 in German?

    And I’m happy for google and wikipedia.. 🙂

  6. faemom Says:

    KathyB!~ Sometimes I think I would lose my mind without it.
    ck~ Maybe you should ask her for me about why do toddlers ask why when they really don’t care.
    Court~ I feel your pain. Sean has only recently started using a version of yes, instead of always saying no.
    insider~ Thanks. I think I’m going to need that.
    holey~ What did our parents and grandparents do without the internet? Perhaps that’s why my dad and grandpa are bald.
    JP~ Don’t push it.

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