Jokes Go Awry

Lately the boys have tried to go on strike.  They don’t want to go swimming.  It’s 103 out there, and my boys don’t want to go swimming.  That is unacceptable in my household or, more to the point, in my parents’ household.  If I go swimming, they have to too because I’m not watching them.

Luckily now that my mom is a grandmother and closer to the end, she believes in bribery.  “Who wants a popsicle?  Ok, well, let’s get in our swimsuits so they don’t drip on our pirate clothes.  Ok, let’s go outside and put our feet in the pool while we eat.  Won’t that be fun?”

Yeah, I know.  It’s were I get my evil genius from.  Ok, my dad can be pretty evil too.

Grandma, Tornado S, and Tornado E sat on the edge of the pool eating Popsicles with their feet resting on the first step.  It didn’t take long before both boys were sitting on the top step, enjoying their Popsicles.  Eventually Tornado E finished his and was playing in the pool with me.  Papi teased Tornado S trying to nab a bite of Popsicle like a walrus trying to get a piece of fish from a trainer.  (Hmm, that was quite an applicable description.  Not to self: must tell Mom.)

Fearing for the safety of his Popsicle, Tornado S hid it behind his back.  Being an evil genius himself, it dawned on Tornado S that he could just hide it in the water.  He popped it out of the water to wave it in Papi’s face.  Tornado S was shocked to find the Popsicle had shrunk.  Papi and I laughed.

Tornado S laughed with us and stuck the Popsicle back into the water.  He pulled it out to wave it at Papi.

We became distracted by Tornado E running and jumping into the pool.  We looked back to see Tornado S had hid his Popsicle under the water again.

He pulled it out and went to take a bite.  His eyes grew big as he looked at just a stick.  He looked at us with his eyes saying, WTF, Mommy?  Where’d it go?

If we wanted to risk drowning, we would have been rolling with laughter.  Instead, Papi and I held on to the sides of the pool, wiping our tears away.

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10 Responses to “Jokes Go Awry”

  1. insider53 Says:

    A lesson in physics and Popsicles. Cool.

  2. joz1234 Says:

    LOL! I wonder if he would still put his popsicle in the water? Mine probably would because he would not have made the connection yet…

    Kind of like the connection of “if you get in trouble, you go to timeout”…yeah, he still hasn’t gotten that one yet either.

  3. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    I love your description of his face when he sees just a stick!

    And your mama is one smart bit of poundcake!

  4. KathyB! Says:

    Popsicles + the pool always seem to = shock and dismay.

    Poor little sweetie.

  5. Gibby Says:

    Aww, is it weird that I could just picture his face even though I really don’t know what he looks like? You described it so perfectly!

  6. ck Says:

    It’s never okay to lose a Popsicle. That’s the kind of thing nightmares are made of.

  7. faemom Says:

    insider~ What can I say; he’s a little scientist.
    joz~ I have a feeling that Sean hasn’t made the connection either.
    TKW~ It’s one of those “damn I wish I had a camera” moments.
    KathyB!~ You should see his face when relearns he can’t swim.
    Gibby~ Thanks. I wish I had a picture.
    ck~ No kidding! At least it wasn’t ice cream.

  8. Zeemaid Says:

    okay.. I gotta get me some of that evil genius… unfortunately I’m thinking you have to be born with it… but Grandma was sure smart!!

  9. Zeemaid Says:

    whoops hit comment too soon…

    Poor Sean… That was priceless. I got a good chuckle out of that.

  10. faemom Says:

    Zeemaid~ I fear you may have to be born with it. I know a woman that can’t be a bitch to save her life. I’m glad you had a laugh.

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