Little Brotherly Love

Yesterday Tornado S and I dropped Tornado E off at school.  Tornado E’s school is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons.  We wanted to ease Tornado E into school, rather than drop him into the deep end as some of the schools we looked at would do.

I packed the boys into the car after lunch.  Each had his backpack strapped on to his back.  I reminded Tornado E to raise his hand during the class and to listen as I know these are his biggest weakness.  I had observed this last summer during his swim classes and then again at the open house where the teacher went through circle time with the kids.  Really, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

We arrived in good time.  The boys and I braved the sweltering heat as we marched to the classroom.  A few other moms stood around with their kids, talking.  I herded mine to keep them from running around in the landscaping.  No one else’s kid was doing that, so I figured I shouldn’t allow mine either.  Of course, it is desert-scaping; nothing can hurt it.

The teacher opened the door, and the children marched one by one. Tornado S followed his brother.

I grabbed Tornado S.

Me: No, Tornado S.  That’s your brother’s class.  That’s Tornado E’s class.  Not for Tornado S.

Tornado S: Brothr!

He tried to wiggle out of my grasp.  He started to cry, wail, scream.

Me: Tornado S, it’s ok.  You’re going home with Mommy, and we’re going to have fun.  Do you want to have fun with Mommy?

Tornado S: BROTHR!!!

I picked him up, looking straight into his big brown eyes.

Me: I know.  You want to play with Tornado E and his friends.  But you’re not old enough yet.  We can go home and play.  We’ll have some special time.

Tornado S: With Dadda?

Me: Yes, Daddy is home.  We can play with him, too.  Do you think that is a good plan?

Tornado S nodded.  We walked away.

Me: How about a binky?

Tornado S: BINK!

Of course, Tornado S slept through the whole afternoon, missing any Mommy and just Me time.  Poor kid.

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6 Responses to “Little Brotherly Love”

  1. ck Says:

    Poor kid, but lucky you! Nothing beats a quiet, child-free afternoon. (Can you tell we’re still two weeks away from the start of the school year?)

  2. insider53 Says:

    I love naps, both mine and others. I feel sad for Sean but he will get use to it. Before long he will be excitedly reminding you that it is time to pick up Evan.

  3. Gibby Says:

    So sweet! Chuckles had a really hard time when Poonch started at school, especially when she hit the first grade and went all day. It never occurred to me that it might be a bigger adjustment for Chuckles than for me. Or Poonch, for that matter.

    So glad you had a free afternoon, though. Heavenly!

  4. joz1234 Says:

    little brothers are so cute! Ernie had a hard time too. He still wants to wear his backpack every morning, still asks me if he can color in the classroom when we drop off Bert, and still gets mad that he doesn’t get to stay. It’s been almost a week. He will start 2 days a week parent’s day out in 2 weeks. I think he will love it, except he will realize he still isn’t with his brother.

  5. ymK Says:

    Dimples starts her pre-K in a few days, and I am a little worried about Giggles. We went for orientation the other day, and Giggles had to take her backpack too.

  6. faemom Says:

    ck~ I’m going to write a post just for you next week. Chin up and Cheer up. It’s only two weeks.
    insider~ I’m hoping he starts taking he’s usual two hour nap, so he has some special one on one time.
    Gibby~ Well, they’re raised as a set, aren’t they? Don’t you have free full days around the corner?
    joz~ I hope it’s enough distraction for him. Sean freaked out when he went to a nursery instead of Sunday School like his brother last time I was at my BFF’s church.
    ymK~ Isn’t that cute? Good luck. Giggles and Sean will adjust, right?

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