Pink Cocoa Cuplets

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I’m not big on fall.  In fact as a child, I kind of dreaded it.  School got harder in the fall.  I anticipated winter mornings in plaid skirt and knee-highs, standing in assembly in frozen grass, wondering why God was punishing me.  But worst of all was the yearly trip to cut firewood.

Starting as an infant, I was dragged out of my bed, dressed, and pushed into a truck long before sunrise, which is fairly inhuman when you’re not a morning person.  We would drive out an hour outside of town to meet my grandparents at the exit, just a little after dawn.  Then we would drive and drive until we were into the foothills of the Santa Ritas.  We would find a place to park, and then my dad and grandpa would start cutting marked scrawny oak trees.  If luck was with us, they would find good trees uphill.  Usually luck wasn’t with us.

As a baby, they had me in a playpen.  They joked every year that I cried whenever the sound of the chainsaws stopped.  She was meant to do this, they said.  I called it slave labor.  They forced me to go all the way until I was in college.  Then my grandpa would joke about flying me home just to help.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha.

Some years it was hot, but you couldn’t remove your jeans or flannel shirt to get cool.  Some years it was freezing, and you kept moving to get warm.  Thankfully, I have repressed the memory of the year it snowed.  There was the year of the baby mice, curled up tight in a nest.  The year of the horny toads, spitting blood when you pressed on them.  The year of the chiggers.  God, that was a bad year. 

There was only one good thing about cutting wood.  It was lunch.  The adults believed in getting done before lunch.  If it was a bad season of only scrawny oak trees marked, then lunch was an hour rest or so.

My grandma made the most perfect submarine sandwiches.  Each one specific to the person it was intended for.  She made deviled eggs that were heavenly.  She brought enough snacks and lemonade for an army.  But the best part was Pink-Cocoa Cuplets for desert.

These are an excellent travel desert because there is no frosting and they are not messy.  They get there name for the pink center from the Cocoa.  Trust me, men and boys love them too, even if they’re pink.  It’s been a couple of years since I had one.  So I might have to make these soon.

Pink- Cocoa Cuplets

2 c flour
1 T cocoa
1 t salt
1 ¼ c sugar
¾ c shortening
2 eggs
1 t vanilla
1 t baking soda
1 c cold water

1cup semi-chocolate chips
½ c chopped nuts

Preheat oven 375.
Sift together the flower, cocoa, salt, and baking soda. Add other dry ingredients slowly. Blend res of ingredients well. Line muffin tin with baking cups. Fill muffin cups. Sprinkle chocolate chips and nuts over the top. Bake for 20-25 minutes. Makes 24 cupcakes.

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10 Responses to “Pink Cocoa Cuplets”

  1. Nancy Says:

    They sound really great. It’s hard to imagine how they are pink. I’d love to see a picture of them when you do make them!

  2. Country-Fried Mama Says:

    Cutting wood does not sound good to me, but the “cuplets” do. I love that they’re called “cuplets.” Seems the recipe should be written in “couplets…”

    “Sugar, eggs and two cups of flour,
    Mix and then bake for less than a half hour.”

  3. theycallmejane Says:

    These sound yummy! I’ve copied the recipe and can’t wait to try them. And what a great story, too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. theycallmejane Says:

    And Country-Fried Mama – you are so clever! Must be why I enjoy your blog!

  5. parenting BY dummies Says:

    Sounds good, if I wasn’t a lazy loaf I might consider trying it. And, no fall, huh? I love fall b/c all the clothes cover my ugly. chubby bits! I mean chunks. My ugly, chubby chunks!

  6. insider53 Says:

    Sounds yummy. Logging on the other hand sounds awful, I am not a morning person either.

  7. KathyB! Says:

    I’m going to have to make these if for no other reason than I love the name!!

    I don’t mean that they don’t sound good — they sound delicious. I hate when my comments need explanations. Probably means I should re-write them, but I figure you know me well enough by now… 🙂

    I thought the pink was a prelude to girl confirmation!!

  8. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    Oh! Thanks, fae, for introducing me to another great writer! I love when someone does that!

    And since I am, for the most part, anti-frosting (my kids always smear it on something white or hard to wash), I will make these!

  9. faemom Says:

    Nancy~ They get a little pink in the middle due to the cocoa.
    CFM~ LOL You’re brilliant!
    jane~ I made some today. I’m going to tweak it so there isn’t so much shortening next time.
    pBd~ I think I’m still in denial. I used to be a swimmer. Swimming in cold isn’t fun. Wearing a swimsuit with the waiste of the shorts rolled down to show the flat stomach. Yeah, not so much any more.
    insider~ But every cloud has a silver lining. Right?
    KathyB!~ Never explain. I can follow. You’ll have to wait until Nov/Dec for that info.
    TKW~ Let me know how you like them.

  10. dearanonymousfriend Says:

    Lost my recipe and just googled it, found your blog, thanks! appreciate the recipe and will be making them today. I love them! DAF

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