So Afternoons are better

I was so upset that Tornado E wasn’t in the morning class.  So upset.  Disappointed.  Worried.  Frustrated.  Anxious.  The kid needs naps, and I would inevitably kill him when he threw one too many fits over something silly like being made to eat something for dinner or stopped from hitting his brother.  That’s why I got a replacement kid on the way.

But I think Someone was looking out for me.  Because we’re taking mornings slow.  I’m nursing my tea, watching the news; while they are destroying the house with toys.  They’re watching way too many cartoons as I shower and resettle my stomach, praying that breakfast will stay down.  Unlike previous pregnancies, breakfast is staying down.  Most days.

Note: Rice Krispies not as good the second time.  Not so good at all.

But if we had to race to school to get there at 8 in the morning, which seemed like a breeze just two months ago, I would be retching in the public trash can outside Tornado E’s class room, wearing Depends as my stomach has to eject every last crumb from my body.

So I owe You a Thank you.  And (as usual) an Apology.  (As usual) You gave me what I needed, not what I wanted.  Though this does not make up for “That thing,” I’m still pissed off about that.

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10 Responses to “So Afternoons are better”

  1. Ink Says:

    Joyful for the little things…ahhhh. Nice one, Fae! Glad you’re having a less yakky time of it this time around, too!

  2. insider53 Says:

    Won’t you be glad when this trimester is over. Sometimes we really don’t know what’s best for us, but at least someone else does.

  3. KathyB! Says:

    You know, I love this post. I agonize over things and then freak out (only a little 🙂 when things don’t go as I feel they should. And then I realize that it’s actually better. It’s hard to remember sometimes that sometimes there are larger forces at play. Great post, fae.

  4. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    The Universe was looking out for you, honey! I’m glad you’re enjoying your slow mornings…those are very good mornings.

  5. theycallmejane Says:

    KathyB! and TheKitchenWitch took the words right off my keyboard. When I found out who my youngest son’s teacher was going to be I freaked out. Her personality was too strict, too literal for my sweet, creative, free spirited boy. Come to find out, she was EXACTLY what he needed. Mysterious ways, indeed!

  6. incognitomom Says:

    Ah, divine intervention. It’s a beautiful thing. Glad it all worked out.

    I can relate. I was really worried about Shorty not having his favorite coach for soccer this time around. I got really worried when we went for an open house and instead of playing he stared longingly at Coach Lauren. I was even more worried by his reaction to the new coaches they had hired. Today was the first official day of soccer – turns out our coaches are two men who have done this before and are great with the kids. Shorty did EVERYTHING he was supposed to do and had fun. He never once looked over at Coach Lauren’s class that was right next to us. Best soccer class ever (am knocking on wood here hoping it continues).

    We moms worry too much.

  7. holeycheese Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how a morning with all kids in the house can be more peaceful than bringing them to school… I’m totally with you on this one.

    Though my kids go to school in the morning.. but I don’t have to bring them there – hubby does. I only have to pick them up at lunchtime.

    Btw.. I’m happy for you that your breakfast stays this time.. it’s just so much better to feel better.

    Have you noticed I started to update my blog again?

  8. ck Says:

    I love when things work out that way.

    (And that you’ve got a “replacement kid on the way.” It’s always important to think ahead.)

  9. Gibby Says:

    Everything happens for a reason. I have always had my kids in afternoons and I love it. Maybe because I am NOT a morning person, pregnant or not. Glad it worked out for you guys!

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