The Renaming

Tornado E: I think I want to name Tornado S.

Me: What?

Tornado E: I want to name Tornado S.

Me: He already has a name.  It’s Tornado S.

Tornado E: He needs a new name.  I’m going to call him Falleif.

Me: What?  No.

Tornado E: Falleif!  Let’s play cars.

Me: We’re not naming your brother Falleif.

Tornado E: Falleif, do you want juice?

Me: Tornado S, do you want juice.

Tornado S: Please juice!

Me: See.  He’s name is Tornado S.

Tornado E: I’m still going to call him Falleif.

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9 Responses to “The Renaming”

  1. theycallmejane Says:

    Reminds me of when I was pregnant with our youngest. My daughter saw a picture of the ultrasound and said, “Hey! We can call him Peebo!” It didn’t matter how much I objected or called him his rightful name my daughter insisted he was Peebo. Luckily, once he was born the novelty wore off. Hopefully, Falleif will too!

  2. insider53 Says:

    That boy, he is always good for a smile. Falleif! where on earth did he come up with that.

  3. Freedom Debt Relief Says:

    That is a sweet 😉 might be annoying but sweet.

  4. KathyB! Says:

    The bad thing is it will probably stick. Just ask my daughter the fruit-a-mcnut! It’s a long story 🙂

    Hugs to Falleif!

  5. KathyB! Says:

    Or you could tell him that you’ll re-name Sean but only if you can him Falloof!

  6. beth aka confusedhomemaker Says:

    My second son does renaming, he has given us all different names. It’s part of his way of dealing with the world. I don’t mind because it’s somewhat funny to me.

    But I’m guessing Sean might not like it as he gets older 😀

  7. Evenshine Says:

    Adorable! (Where DO they get these ideas???)

  8. Gibby Says:

    You should get a coconut like KB!’s daughter and name him Falleif.

  9. Not Afraid To Use It Says:

    My daughter was angry at me the other day because I didn’t name her Belle or Jasmine. I told her I didn’t know when she was born that she wanted to have those names. She told me I should have.

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