Reality Check: Pampering Yourself


Pregnancy makes you realize that you don’t pamper yourself enough. Like how you decided you didn’t need one of your favorite foods because it was just one more store to drag the kids to, more gas spent to get it, more money to be spent on something just for you. But then you start to crave it, desire it, dream it. So you strap in the kids, making it the last place in the line of shops, just in case they act up, because really it’s only something for you. Then you make it to the store because the kids are like angels. You walk in, collect the food items, select the shortest line that miraculously is the shortest line. The cashier tells you the total. $3.50. Yup, I’ve been depriving myself of heavenly Trader Joe’s Spicy Hummus Dip and whole wheat pitas to save $3.50. The Husband spends more on a beer. And I realize I’m getting real tired of playing the martyr. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to enjoy my lunch as I force the boys to have PB&J instead of the McDonald’s they were begging for.
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6 Responses to “Reality Check: Pampering Yourself”

  1. blissbait Says:

    bravo and chow down!
    a good friend of mine’s martyrd’d
    it’s so retarded…

    Just do it! and Bravo. I know a person who spends her life martyred constantly. Screw it! Even if Your kids are being stinkers in Trader Joe’s. Everyone will live through it and You deserve Your treat! And now the peanut gallery will bow out smiling! 🙂

    Thank You, Bon Voyage, and Cheers!

  2. jc Says:

    Pamper away. Dreaming about pitas is such a waste of REM.

  3. ck Says:

    You are so right about this. I think it’s time to head out (alone) for the peach pie I’m craving right now…

    (HEY- nonpregnants have rights too, you know.)

  4. Gibby Says:

    Have you ever tried the 3 layer hummus dip from TJ’s? It’s spicy red pepper, original, and cilantro. It is HEAVEN!!!!! You definitely deserve to pamper yourself with this stuff!

  5. femspotter Says:


    Why don’t you just buy everything at Trader Joes, Fae? It rocks! I can’t find one near me in NJ, or else I’d be there in a heartbeat to enjoy that hummus along side you.

    I just discovered a great falafel place a couple weeks ago, so I know where I’ll be frequently if I get preggers soon!

    Pamper yourself! Good for you!

  6. Freedom debt relief Says:

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