He’s Two

Back when Tornado E was two and Tornado S was just a babe in arms, I met another woman with children the same ages.  She was a friend of a friend, who came over with her children for an impromptu play date.  They all stayed through naptime.  I went and put Tornado E to bed for his nap.   At that time, Tornado S actually nursed around the same time as Tornado E’s naptime and usually fell asleep for his afternoon nap.  It was beautiful.

I offered the mother the guest bed for her daughter.  The mother declined.  Because her daughter didn’t take naps any more.  As I watched the toddler stumble around the room in exhaustion, I asked why.

“Because she cried so much I just gave up.”

I pitied the child.  Not the mother.  I had been there with Tornado E.  In fact, I would sit just outside his room, placing him in his bed over and over for two hours before the kid finally gave in and fell asleep.  Two hours.  Yup, that was a fight worth fighting.

So when Tornado S started crying about being put to bed last week for his afternoon nap, I was shocked.  Here was the boy who loved his bed because he could just go to bed when he was tired.  What was wrong with this kid?

Then today as he cried for an hour and half, it dawned on me. Tornado S was two.  He wanted to give up his nap.  Sorry, dude, your mommy is willing to take this to the mat.  Bring it on, little man.  Bring it on.

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12 Responses to “He’s Two”

  1. CynthiaK Says:

    I am at exactly the same stage with Finnegan. Suvi skipped this stage, but I fought the good fight with Max at two and now he’s a fantastic sleeper (at night) at four years old.

    Finnegan was just two at the end of September and here it is again – the naptime fight. Isn’t it crazy? I dont know who ends up being more exhausted in the end – the mom or the child!

    Hope Sean doesn’t put you through the ringer for too many long afternoons. 🙂

  2. ck Says:

    Totally the right battle to pick. I’d fight that one to the bitter end as well.

    Good luck!

  3. Ink Says:

    Good luck! We’re at the point where the youngest will nap like every third day. We finally switched to “quiet time” in their rooms for the eldest (and on the first and second days for youngest). No matter what, they need to have a chance to rest!!

  4. Court Says:

    Good luck to you! I so would not be ready for that either! Kaiya is almost three now and occasionally doesn’t take a nap which makes for a horrible! day.

  5. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    Both of my girls gave up napping WAY too early. And both times, I cried in my soup, because Mommy NEEDED those naps.

  6. beth aka confusedhomemaker Says:

    The nap thing can be so trying, my oldest gave his up around 2-2.5 even though we still tried. We then went from naps to just quiet time, sometimes he’d fall asleep most the time not but either way it was there. The other kids are still loving naps. They are like me that way.

  7. joz1234 Says:

    My oldest does quiet time but I made him do naps until he was 4. Quiet time until 5. Now he’s old enough to be out during the 2 year old’s naptime on the weekend, but is in school during the day (yay!) I fought the 4 year old on and off, but the truth was he still needed a nap. He would take 2-3.5 hour naps at least 5 days a week. I gave him books and let him read for a while with the condition that he would try to close his eyes after reading. He did and almost always fell asleep…even in the end. By the time he was 5 we just had quiet time for an hour and a half to save my sanity.

    Good luck…don’t give in.

  8. Gibby Says:

    I was definitely a Mean Mommy when it came to sleeping and napping. Those kids could cry all they wanted, I never gave in. And now? They are the best sleepers ever. It pays to be mean.

  9. insider53 Says:

    Keep him taking naps as long as possible. He needs the rest and you need the down time.

  10. faemom Says:

    CynthiaK~ Thanks for the words of encouragement.
    ck~ I knew you would understand all too well.
    Ink~ They totally do need their rest. Heck, I’m much older than them and I need my rest.
    Court~ Those are tough days indeed.
    TKW~ Seriously! Mommy needs that naptime!
    beth~ Well, at least you only had one problem on your hands and not four.
    joz~ Thanks for the advice and story. I needed that.
    Gibby~ When’s the next Mean Mom Meeting?
    Insider~ Oh, I know. I’m more stubborn than I let on.

  11. theycallmejane Says:

    That’s when my boys graduated to “quiet time”. I’d load up their beds with books and shut the door. I don’t know how or why it worked (I did tell them this is what big boys did and since they had no point of reference it they bought it) but it did. Often times they’d fall asleep. It’s worth a shot!

  12. zeemaid Says:

    oh I would so fight for that. I let O give his up this summer because he wouldn’t go to bed at night very well anymore and he would wake up crying and grumpy and it’d take me an hour just to calm him down etc.

    Go figure though, I let his naps go to make it easier on daddy who has to put the kids to bed 4 nights a week. Easier for him at bedtime, harder for me during the day. Isn’t it always. 😉

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