The Weekend

I’ve got some exciting and frightening news. . . .

I’m going on a girls’ weekend!


I haven’t been in one since I was first married.  The Husband and I made a pact.  He could go on only two guy trips a year unless I went on two.  Back then I was horrified by the idea of guy trips because I felt that couples should feel want to have fun together.  Six years later, I’m rethinking that philosophy.  Though I’m sure some of you have wonderful spouses that you enjoy spending time with, I just want to kick out The Husband every one and a while.  Ok, I’ll be honest.  A lot.  Moving on . . . .

I’m staying with my BFF, and we and some other friends are going to see New Moon.  I’m going with the same friends I saw Twilight with, and we had a blast laughing at the dumbest things.  So it was only natural that I grab a flight to CA and visit from Saturday to Monday afternoon.  My BFF is crest-fallen, hoping I would come in early Friday morning and leave late Monday night.  But that’s where the frightening part comes in.

I’m leaving the kids with The Husband.  I know.  I know.  I shouldn’t worry.  He is their daddy after all.  He’s been here from day one, but he’s not like your average father.  He’s kind of taken a hands-off approach to this parenting thing.  Sure, he reads to them most nights before bedtime, and he wrestles with them nearly every day.  But that’s it.

This is a man who still hasn’t figured out sleeping in with young children is not really an option.  He thinks my “tight” schedule of eating and naps should be thrown to the wind.  While he criticizes the amount of TV I let the boys watch and the amount of candy they eat (one piece of Halloween candy a day when they remember), he turns on the cartoons for them when he watches them and hands out chocolate milk whenever asked.  The guy didn’t even know that the G-8 in the upper screen of TV meant anything at all.  He doesn’t know where anything in the house is.  He constantly loses his own shoes, cell phone, wallet, keys, belt on a daily basis.

Last weekend he decided to help me get the boys dressed, and he didn’t even know where their shorts were.  I’ve kept the same dresser organization system since Tornado S was born 2 and half years ago.

Yeah, I’m frightened.  I woke the other night in a cold sweat because it dawned on me that they are going to trash my house.  I can bet not a single toy, not a single dish, not a single crumb will be cleaned up or put away.

But I could deal with all this, somewhat, because my parents are just a mile or so away.  We’ve got into the habit of eating with them nearly every night.  The boys love them.  They understand my schedule, my discipline.  Heck, they know where things are in their house and mine.  But somewhere along the way, The Husband believed that he had to prove himself this weekend, hinting at taking care of the boys all by himself without visiting my parents once while I’m gone.

I should calm down.  I mean, really, how much irreversible damage can he do in one weekend?

Of course, I’ve been away from the boys for only one night, and they were staying at their grandparents’ house.  They were fine, asking for me once.  So maybe they’ll be fine.  Maybe this is all in my head.  Unfortunately it’s all in MY head.

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6 Responses to “The Weekend”

  1. zeemaid Says:

    Oh I am so jealous girl. I hope you have so much fun.

    Although if I knew I was coming home to tornado central… I don’t know if I could go. I’d spend the next week griping about the mess. *LOL*

    Seriously I hope you have a fantabulous time. I’m sure the boys will be fine and daddy will have a whole new appreciation for you. One can only hope anyways. 😉

  2. Ink Says:

    Oh, how fun! Have a blast, Fae. And maybe stress to hubby how WONDERFUL it would be to come home to a non-tornadoed home. And insist that if you do, he will be hiring someone to clean it because you’re far too pregant to pick up something like that…

  3. jc Says:

    Coming home to a non-tornadoed house might confuse hubby about hiring a meteorologist – this is a guy who doesn’t know where socks go. The ol’ “maud helps those who help themselves” seems appropriate here… call a cleaning service for the day you get back. You might need a path cleared to get in your kitchen. *having visions of chili everywhere from Mr Mom*
    safe trip. no whammies.

  4. Fie Upon This Quiet Life Says:

    Have a great time. It may be a while before you get time to yourself again, so relish it.

    As for hubby — I understand your trepidation. I hope that it goes perfectly fine and that you’ll be laughing at how silly you were to doubt him. Or maybe this will really teach him a lesson. Maybe both. Good luck!

  5. bookworm27 Says:

    I randomly found your blog today, and I’m really enjoying your posts! 🙂 I don’t have kids but am battling baby fever… I really enjoyed this post because your husband sounds like what my husband would be like in that situation.. My husband also manages to lose his keys, wallet, belt, etc, on a daily basis.

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