Excuse me, please

We were finishing the end of our supper of turkey sandwiches.  Delicious.  Evan sat between my parents, being coaxed into eating a real turkey sandwich instead of a deli turkey one.  Sean sat next to me, nibbling like a mouse on bread, turkey, and broccoli.  Like all meals, I was telling some story or another. 

Then I felt a little hand on my shoulder.  I turned to look at Sean.

Sean looked deep into my eyes.  The picture of seriousness.

Sean: Mommy.  I got to go.


Me: Where do you have to go?

Sean broke his serious character.  A smile danced in his eyes and across his lips.

Sean: Outside!

Me: It’s too dark to go outside.

Sean: Get down, please?

Me: What do you say?

Sean: Excuse, please!

Me: Fine.  But no pie for you.

Sean: No pie!

I helped him down and off he ran.

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One Response to “Excuse me, please”

  1. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    Ah, back in the days when pie didn’t matter…

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