Role Models

I was scrambling eggs as Tornado E watched.

Tornado E: Mommy!  I want to be like Papi!  I’m going to grow as tall as Papi!  I’m going to have a big, fat tummy like Papi!  I’m going to like the same football team as Papi!  The Dallas Cowboys!

Ah teaching moment about obesity.

Me:  That’s wonderful Tornado E!  You can be whatever you want to be.  But it’s not good to be fat.

Tornado E: But Papi is!

Me: Well, yes.  But we want Papi to lose some weight because it’s not healthy for him.  We should play more sports with him.

Tornado E: So I’ll go on a diet with Papi.  Then we can have big, fat tummies together!

OK.  Not the best teaching moment.  Just let it go.

Two hours later I was telling the story to The Husband.

Tornado E: No, Mommy!  I want to be like Uncle M!  I’m going to grow as big as Uncle M!  Because I want to be big enough to get the lollipops down!  (When he visits our house, my brother likes to tease the boys by putting the lollipop container on a shelf that only he at 6’5” can reach.)  Then I can go to work and be able to buy anything my heart wants!

Me: That’s a good plan.

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5 Responses to “Role Models”

  1. theycallmejane Says:

    I love the answers to “what do you want to be when you grow up” – especially at this young age. I’ll never forget my daughter freaking my mother out because she said she wanted to be a cashier when she grew up because she wanted to push the buttons. College is a requirement (not just an option) in our family and my mother kept trying to convince her that she wanted to “be” something else. When she couldn’t get through to my daughter she finally suggested – Maybe you could own the store that has the cash registers. But this didn’t deter my daughter -“But then I won’t get to push the buttons very much and I want to push them all day long!”

  2. insider53 Says:

    I wouldn’t worry. My daughters wanted to be everything from a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader to a waitress because the outfits were cool.

  3. beth aka confusedhomemaker Says:

    We’ve had the big fat tummy talk here too, except it was my daughter who wanted one like her Grandpa. I agree that growing taller is better than growing fatter.

  4. TheKitchenWitch Says:

    I’d want to be tall to reach the lollipops, too!

  5. faemom Says:

    jane~ And now cashiers get to touch cool computer screens! Woohoo!
    insider~ Ok, if my daughters wanted to be cheerleaders, I would congratulate them and then leave the room to breathe into a paper bag.
    beth~ How cute! Let’s encourage them on the tall part.
    TKW~ My brother is the ONLY one tall enough to reach them. When the boys beg me to help, all I can say is “M, please be nice to my boys.”

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